LMAO: Black Block Rioter Not So Tough When His MAMA Shows Up

Written by Wes Walker on August 20, 2019

With rioters flooding the streets of Portland — once again — to assault strangers in the name of ‘peace’ or something, Portland needs help finding a path forward. May we suggest THIS option.

It’s footage from a couple of years ago (2015), and in a different city (Baltimore) but the situation is pretty much the same. An unruly kid throws on a black shirt and mask on his way to participate in a riot.

But his mama got wind of his plan and tracked him down. And by the look of it, Mama is NOT too pleased about it, either.

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As they say, ‘not all heroes wear capes’.

If a few more angry moms like this one showed up and publicly humiliated their wayward sons and daughters when they show up at riots, maybe the rest would see what an embarrassment they all are to themselves and their city and think twice about it.

When you get brought home from a riot by an angry mom, you’re a loser.

But when you go ahead and participate in it? You’re an even BIGGER one. It really doesn’t matter WHAT supposed ’cause’ you use to ‘justify’ it.

What else would help? Here are a few things:

Hold them up to public Mockery…

Produce Serious Consequences…

And Honest reporting about the problem…


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