Another Bloodbath, With Nine Fatalities, This Time In Dayton, Ohio

Written by Wes Walker on August 4, 2019

Police responded in about one minute, but sadly, there were already nine fatalities and 27 injured by that point.

A 24-year-old man opened fire outdoors on a nightclub district in Ohio, killing nine and wounding 27 others. The place was so caught up in the music and the nightlife that many didn’t even hear the gunshots right away.

The gunman — who does not seem to have had a criminal record — brought a rifle, with .223 rounds, into Dayton’s club district and had additional magazines on him as well. His own sister is among those who were slain.

Fatalities have been both black and white, male and female ages reportedly ranging from their 20s to their 50s.

Carper said the shooter fired multiple rounds from “a very large gun, in technical terms.” The shooting happened as the suspect was making his way toward a bar called Ned Peppers, Decker said.

Someone from Ned Peppers grabbed the barrel of the rifle, and the shooter “picked up a handgun and was willing to continue shooting,” Decker said, when police arrived and killed the shooter.
The shooter wore body armor, she said.

No officers were injured, Carper said.

“In less than one minute, Dayton first responders neutralized the shooter,” Whaley said.
Source: CNN

Great work by to the police for their quick response, and to whoever got his hand onto the barrel of that rifle. But sadly, even that one-minute lag was long enough that we lost at least nine people.

[Editor’s Note: This seems a good opportunity remind folks who like to ‘hate on’ law enforcement that THESE are the same people they love to condemn and protest and harass all day long, denouncing as ‘racists’ and ‘murderers’. These were the guys running TOWARD the danger when everyone else was running FROM it. And when the moment came for them to act, they shot the murderer dead, no questions asked. We’re not seeing anyone protest THAT. Let’s all try to keep that in mind the next time we’ve got a beef with them, shall we?]

Until more is known about motives or possible remedies, we’ll leave aside any speculation about those questions. Some of the early speculations have already proven false:

But as you might expect, with this shooting and the other one in El Paso, the same old partisan talking points have kicked into high gear, even before next of kin have been notified, or indeed, even before the bodies of the fallen could be recovered.

Some of the images of the suspect and some of the Facebook accounts circulating have been described by authorities as being incorrect, so we remind our readers to allow time for all the legitimate facts to come in before drawing inferences and conclusions about what happened.

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