BIG Knife-Wielding Woman Smacks Children On A Sidewalk, Watch What ‘Dad’ Does Next

Written by Wes Walker on August 30, 2019

What the hell? If you try any of this crap with MY kids, you’re going home in a box.

Some big chick walks down the street with a knife, passes two adults with two really little kids (maybe what, five years old or less?). She smacks one kid in the face (with the hand holding the knife!), walks away, comes back, tries to hit the other, smaller kid, and walks away again.

Dad moves as though to confront her…

…but quickly folds like a cheap tent.

And then she calmly walks away across the traffic like she doesn’t have a care in the world.


This is the same nation that plucked up the courage to storm Omaha and Utah beaches?

What has happened to our courage?

You swing a knife in the direction of any relatives of a ClashDaily reader and it’s fair to say you can be DAMED will NOT be casually walking away from the encounter.

Ok, there are still SOME heroes left to celebrate:

But the overall trend seems to be going the wrong direction: