Young Cancer Survivor Calls Trump Her ‘Good Samaritan’ – Someone Tell The NeverTrumpkins

Written by Wes Walker on August 30, 2019

The establishment and medical experts had given up on Natalie and were preparing her for death. But the Right To Try provision gave her back her life.

America was built by, and around, a people who didn’t ask to play it safe. It was built around a people who landed in an unknown and unforgiving world, with no back-up supports, and a killing winter. But they persevered.

It was built by a rag-tag people who — because of the principles that moved them — picked a fight with the global superpower of its day, and WON.

It was built by a people that outfought and outlasted not one, but TWO totalitarian ideologies that swept through the world in the 20th Century and survived them both with their freedoms intact.

And now, it continues to be built by a people, not those who beg to be gently kept as docile servants of a benevolent government.

Instead of asking for safe and inexpensive health care, or government subsidized medicine, Natalie wanted something else.

The chance to say, essentially, F*** it, if the alternative is going to be death anyway, why SHOULDN’T I try this super-experimental treatment?

And so she did. And American courage and ingenuity came together and rescued a life that had hovered at death’s door.

Not surprisingly, the woman whose life was saved by the experimental treatment is a BIG fan of Trump now.

We’ve all seen the dishonest games the left have played with the power they’re entrusted with, they’re obviously unworthy of that trust.

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