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BOOM: We’ve Got Another New Witness In The Spygate Saga

And this one is bringing a Document Dump for the sketchy ‘Russia investigation’ AND to the Hillary investigation.

And did we mention he’s got some EMAIL, too?

Heh. This oughta be good.

A few highly-placed people in the Obama admin have got to be sweating bullets right about now. There’s no slow-walking any of this.

Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne delivered to the Department of Justice a number of documents, including emails and text messages, in April, regarding both the origins of the Russian investigation, and an FBI operation into Hillary Clinton with which he was personally involved during the first months of 2016, according to a U.S. official who spoke Byrne has also confirmed the account.

Byrne claims the documents, which have not been made public and are currently under investigation by the DOJ, are allegedly communications he had with the FBI concerning both the Clinton investigation and the origins of the Russian investigation. did not review the documents, which are now under review by law enforcement.
Source: Sara A Carter

Authorities have not commented on the documents themselves, but Byrne believes they will be a game-changer in the way we see both the Spygate scandal AND the way Hillary’s highly-irregular FBI investigation was handled.

“I gave to the DOJ documents concerning both the origin of the Russian probe and the probe into Hillary Clinton, both of which I was involved in, and both of which turned out to be less about law enforcement than they were about political espionage,” Byrne told Monday. He noted that the communications will prove that the FBI also had an operation into Clinton Foundation that he was directly involved in.

“This is going to become the greatest political scandal in US history,” he said. “If we survive it, and if Rule of Law returns to America, it will be due to one man: Bill Barr.”
Source: Sara A Carter

Are you sweating yet, Hillary? What about Comey & Co? Are you all still bleating about that ‘Higher Purpose’?

All those fine traps you laid to protect your friends and destroy your enemies seem to be backfiring right about now.

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