BORDER CRISIS: If 90% Of Mexican Murders Go Unpunished, How Will We Even Know Who To Keep Out?

Written by Wes Walker on August 31, 2019

These are the same people that Democrats tell us we should welcome with no screening process at all, right?

The Drug war in Mexico is heating up again. It may even be worse now even than it was in the bad old days of 2006-2012. That’s not Fox News, Breitbart or even Trump telling saying so, it’s the AP news wires.

Back then, the worst of the violence was confined to a few cities. Now it is spread out throughout the country. Once it was not uncommon for gangs to kill adults but leave children unharmed. Now, the killing of children alongside their parents has become all too frequent.

Perhaps the most disconcerting change: Bloody cartel violence outraged Mexicans and captured international attention for the drug war, which saw 27,000 homicides during its peak in 2011. Today, even though the number of Mexico’s homicides soared to near 35,000 last year, the bloodshed seems to draw less attention and indignation.

It has all left many Mexicans wondering which way to turn.
Source: AP

But the pearl-clutching Democrats might have us believe that almost nobody treats children worse than America does… and BTW, Trump was a bigoted monster for saying things like ‘bad hombres’ and ‘MS-13 animals’.

Which is weird, since we have data points like the ones the AP is describing right here.

How bad are the killings getting? So bad that people are getting numb to gangland murders.

“It seems like we are becoming accustomed to this, to people killing children. I don’t want to become accustomed to that,” said Lenit Enriquez Orozco, an activist in Coatzacoalcos.

Her brother, Jonith Enriquez Orozco, has been missing since he was abducted on Sept. 25, 2015. There has been no trace of him since, even though her group, the Mothers’ Collective of Searchers, has hunted for traces in clandestine burial grounds across Veracruz.

Hope notes Mexico has a lamentable record in investigating and prosecuting killings — over 90 percent of crime go unpunished.

“The risk involved in killing a man, or killing his whole family, is the same,” the analyst said. Under that logic, wiping out an entire family “has its advantages. It is more intimidating, it is easier to carry out, and it makes escaping easier.”
Source: AP

And the problem comes full circle.

How do the criminal cartels make their money? Cross-border smuggling.

It’s not just drugs, either (although that’s a big part of it).

They make a profit off of anything they bring across the border. That includes… you guessed it… people.

And who was it that is bending over backward to make sure there is an unbroken flow of people flowing across that US-Mexican border?

Oh, that’s right… the Democrats have been actively promoting that, in the name of ‘compassion’.

Have they thought it through to the very ‘underprivileged brown people’ they claim to be the staunch advocates for? The ones they claim Republicans don’t care about?

If the Democrats have beein championing Open-Border policies…

And if open-borders have ultimately been lining the pockets of criminal gangs…

And if both illegal immigration and criminal cartel activity have been spiking…

Which has resulted in murders (of parents and even children) becoming so commonplace that the locals are becoming numb to it…

Isn’t it time for the Right to call Bulls**t on Democrat claims to being the Defenders of the immigrant? Because it LOOKS like their policies are literally killing people.

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