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Clash Poll: Are The Media(D) Cranking Up Their Spin Machine In Anticipation Of Spygate?

As the NYT editor made very clear with that leaked strategy meeting, the PartisanPress are not interested in the FACTS, they are interested in a ‘narrative’ telling the story they WANT America to see.

Their 1619 project even said it was about making the public see America through the very particular lenses they WANTED us to see it through.

And why? It’s simple. If they can change what we SEE, they can change how we THINK. For example, how different would our national policies look if they emphasized deaths due to people unlawfully present in the United States, or deaths due to unchecked gang activity (and these sometimes overlap) with the same energy that they emphasized school shootings?

For one thing, we would NOT have one party picking Sanctuary Cities and Open Borders as a hill they are willing to die on.

And now that the IG report on those now-infamous FISA requests is coming due, the media have shifted away from their initial response of dismissing Spygate as merely a ‘conspiracy theory’ about spying that ‘never happened’. They are entering a new damage control phase. One that will be, no doubt, ‘massaging the narrative’.

CNN hiring disgraced Andrew McCabe is just one more data point in support of that. Keep in mind that the man lied under oath.

John Brennan, James Clapper, and Michael Hayden are only the biggest names currently working as television news analysts; there’s an army of lesser-known former spooks and agency apparatchiks who appear regularly to opine on current events.

What’s unusual about the McCabe hiring is that CNN intentionally overlooked why McCabe is no longer at the FBI, and instead sold an alternative version of what happened there.

In CNN’s version of how his firing went down, McCabe is a heroic law enforcement official who was just doing his important job, when he became the target of a presidential vendetta.

Why would an allegedly ‘facts first’ news agency be so eager to rehabilitate a known liar into a position of trust?

Isn’t it obvious? As a part of the cabal (some call it coup) that sought to unseat the President, he knows exactly where all the bodies are hidden. Who better than one of the participants to drive the spin?

After all, CNN and McCabe have parallel interests: McCabe wants to exonerate himself and incriminate Trump, and CNN wants to take Trump down any way they can. (Hell, they even tried to rehabilitate the openly racist Richard Spencer because they agreed on how they hated Trump.

The final steps in preparing the launch of a massive public relations campaign are being taken. This is a campaign that’s designed to convince the public that the Spygate plotters are heroic whistleblowers being persecuted by a dictator-in-chief.

McCabe’s hiring by CNN is just the most obvious move in the preparation for this forthcoming PR campaign.

CNN wants to pretend that it’s bringing in some heroic truth-teller with a perspective that the public needs to hear. The reality is far different. They are bringing in a key Spygate figure with a vested interest in lying about what he and his fellow coup plotters attempted to do to overturn the results of the 2016 election.

Contrary to what CNN and other news media would have you believe, the Spygate plotters aren’t heroic whistleblowers. Far from it.

…Horowitz, Attorney General William Barr, and U.S. Attorneys John Durham and John Huber will be telling you these Spygate plotters are criminals who committed offenses that dwarf Watergate. Meanwhile, media personalities such as Brian Stelter, Rachel Maddow, Jake Tapper, and Anderson Cooper will insist they are innocent victims of a vendetta being waged by an imperial presidency.

The crucial difference is that it will be Barr, Horowitz, Durham, and Huber who have all the evidence on their side to back up their claims, while the Fake News Media PR campaign relies on anonymous leaks and outright propaganda to sell a narrative of political persecution.

One side of this is going to have mountains of meticulously collected and cataloged documentary evidence that is going to be conclusive and absolutely damning; the other is going to have … well, nothing, really, but I’ll bet they’re going to get an A-plus for effort in trying to get the public to buy into the narrative that these crooks are innocent.

Source: Brian Cates, Epoch Times

We’ve got an opinion poll next and a list of related ‘Spygate’ stories just below it for anyone looking to get back up to speed with what we know so far.

Here’s a look back at just how big a scandal they these media talking heads are trying to cover up. Ther once was  a time where breaking a story like this would get you a Pulitzer. But now, that’s only if there is an (R) mixed in with the dirt they’re digging up. If there’s a (D), it simply never happened. (That’s how we got that ‘Scandal-Free’ Obama Presidency. But of course, our readers already knew that.

Wes Walker

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