Ilhan Omar Wants The UN To Take Over The US Border Crisis… Is She High?

Written by Wes Walker on August 29, 2019

For someone who doesn’t like being called out as Anti-American, ALL of her political instincts seem to run contrary to the ones that built this nation.

You know, like the values that led to a War of Independence.

Maybe she hasn’t noticed, but we’re not really cool with some cheese-eating foreigner telling us how WE should live our lives in the US of A.

That’s right… if you haven’t heard, she thinks that the freaking United Nations needs to come help solve our border crisis. The freaking UN!

Gee, if only there were some group of people in America with the power to modify legislation and funding so that the current situation could be properly resolved. If only…

Yeah, we’d like to see the UN help ‘solve’ things here… they did so well in the Congo, didn’t they? And Haiti? With so many children being trafficked at our Southern border, what could POSSIBLY go wrong?

Is she saying all this because it is an issue burning deep within her heart, or because she’s desperate to ‘change the channel’ from the accusations that she’s been schtupping a staffer, has been named as the ‘other woman’ in a divorce proceeding with said staffer and is being scrutinized for potential FEC violations (again!) relating to said allegedly-shtupped staffer’s ‘travel’ expenses that are purported to have had little, if anything, to do with actual work responsibilities.

So, what do you think? Does this ‘changing of the channel’ HELP her, or does it make her look even MORE hopelessly out of touch?

Here are some of the OTHER ways she’s managed to piss off ordinary Americans (It’s a looong list, and this isn’t even all of them. (feel free to search her name in our search bar):

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