The Latest IG Report (And Comey’s Smug Reaction) Are Out … Will He ‘Skate’ AGAIN?

Written by Wes Walker on August 29, 2019

There’s a lot about Comey to dislike. Most of all his smugness. Will he finally have to face up for politicizing the system?

At least with respect to THIS investigation, the DOJ is ‘declining to prosecute’.

The separate IG report into Comey — personally — has been released. The 83-page report just came out, so networks are scrambling to read and summarize it, but we CAN tell you that it details some of the things we already KNOW he did and should not have.

For example, we know it denounces his actions concerning those memos he wrote himself (and then circulated) that achieved his desired result of kicking off the Mueller investigation.

Fox’s Catherine Herridge reported:

The Justice Department’s internal watchdog found that the former FBI director who is held to the highest standard because he led a bureau of 35,000 employees violated FBI rules, violated his FBI employment agreement and just like the Inspector General’s findings into his handling of the Clinton email case, Michael E Horowitz said Comey wrongly took matters into his own hands to achieve a personal objective. And this is the key section, Quote:

…we have previously faulted Comey for acting unilaterally and inconsistent with department policy… what was not permitted was the unauthorized disclosure of sensitive investigative information, obtained during the course of FBI employment, in order to achieve a personally desired outcome.”

What Comey wanted was to leak the memos and kickstart the Special Council investigation which is exactly what happened. The Inspector General said Comey was wrong to claim memos documenting conversations with the President were like a personal journal or diary. Horowitz said that the memo was documenting the conversations were, in fact, government records. And the report also shows Comey gave at least one memo to a Columbia Law School professor with the specific intent that the memo would be leaked to the New York Times. And with the other memos, he gave them to his legal team and the Inspector General found that none of this was authorized.

…The Inspector General also found that when Comey learned that one memo contained classified information, he had an obligation to immediately report it, but he didn’t do that either. As you mentioned, the Justice Department has declined to prosecute but when you dig into the details here, what you see is that the Former Director took Government records, at least one contained classified information, he took them home, he used a personal scanner, and then a personal email account to transmit those memos. And that on its face would fit the requirements of a statute called 793F subsection F it’s called ‘Gross Negligence’ so, mishandling. No requirement for intent. But still there’s been no prosecution. And just to bring things full circle, this is the exact same statute that Hillary Clinton was investigated for during the email case, John.

Here’s Comey’s response to the fact that he’s not wearing shiny silver bracelets. (Well, at least, not at this stage in the game… not all of the criminal investigations have concluded yet.)

What a smug jackass, and completely lacking in self-awareness.

Dan Bongino’s answer sums it up well:

Mollie Hemingway Goes even further:

So… this makes a BIG slice of the country wonder:

Does ANYBODY ever pay a price for abusing their political power when they’re caught doing it? Will Comey pay an eventual price in one of the OTHER investigations?

Will we ever be able to trust the objectivity of the upper echelon of the government again?

Or are there multiple tiers of justice for ordinary Americans (or those who are NOT political insiders of the right ideological affiliations) and the ‘government elite’?