Jesus And Trump – What Their Enemies Have In Common

Written by Doug Giles on August 12, 2019

[*Editor’s Note: This is an excerpt from Doug Giles’s and Brandon Vallorani’s NEW BOOK, Would Jesus Vote For Trump?*]

“If the world hates you, you know that it has hated Me before it hated you.” – John 15:18, NASB

You can tell a lot about a person by the company they keep and … by the enemies they attract.

Speaking of enemies, all the impenitent creepy people who collided with Christ when He was kicking up dirt on the mean streets in the Middle East many moons ago loathed Him. Yep, they hated the Prince of Peace and for good reason: He rocked their little self-righteous, self-preening world of self-love and the well-sculpted veil of bollocks they hid behind.

Heck, even before Jesus formally stepped into his earthly ministry, when He was a wee little baby, merely cooing and pooping in his swaddling clothes and breastfeeding off the Virgin Mary’s mammaries He had King Herod try to kill Him (Mt. 2:1-18).

Herod was an insecure, toady little leader, who was extremely paranoid that someone was going to take his authority from him. Herod killed anyone, including friends, family, and foes, who he deemed a threat to his control. Ergo, when Herod found out that there was a baby who was born King of The Jews, well … he was having none of that.

Herod was the consummate, jealous/power hungry politician, who’d stop at nada to preserve his power. Kind of like the envious, soulless and specious political swamp critters on The Left and The Right who’ve made a very comfortable living off average American taxpayers during their near eternal feckless stints inside the Beltway. They too, don’t want to lose their power, their control, their luxury condo, their hookers, their lifestyle, their special interest mega-money, their CNN gigs or anything else they are clinging to and they’ll come after anyone who threatens their dream, starring them as the center of the universe, with razor blades and lemon juice. Indeed, they too are driven by the same pathetic envious fear that saddled satanic Herod.

Let’s see. Aside from insanely insecure political leaders, who else hated Jesus with perfect hatred? Ah … I know. How could I forget? The religious leaders of His day definitely didn’t dig The Son of Man. Yep, Christ clashed with the Pharisees saving some of His most bellicose bon mots for these boneheads.

The religious hoity-toities of His day hated Him and He loved provoking them to self-expose their very deep and ubiquitous stupidity and hypocrisy. Matter of fact, nearly every chapter of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John has Jesus fish-slapping these supposed “spiritual leaders” into next week over some load of crap they spewed and it’s delicious, very entertaining, reading.

Like Herod, the religious leaders of Jesus’ day, had worked long and hard, romancing Rome for their little piece of power and prestige and they weren’t about to let this thirty-year-old rebel threaten their security, their wallet and their vaunted place as religious control freaks over us po’ … po’ … sinners.

Finally, I’d be remiss (I don’t know what that means but it sounds bad,) if I didn’t mention the enmity between Jesus and the malevolent one … El Diablo.

It’s an understatement to state Beelzebub wasn’t benefitted by The Son of Man’s glide path. Behind the power of the state and the rankness of oppressive religion was/is Lucifer and his fallen demonic messengers. Pretty much everywhere Jesus strolled He jettisoned the devils that possessed and oppressed people. As you can imagine, The Prince of Darkness wasn’t thrilled giving ground to The Son of God. In addition, Satan really didn’t like it when Christ eternally crushed him via his resurrection and ascension, thus defeating the one who had power over death, namely … The Devil.

So, we kinda know that Jesus (Hello!), was on the right side of history; and this not just by the sinners who loved Him but equally, maybe more importantly, by the demonic louts who loathed Him.

Which brings us to President Trump.

Now granted, Trump is no Jesus. He’s definitely not sinless. He doesn’t have the Ted Nugent hairdo and I can’t imagine (and don’t want to imagine) him in a robe, wearing sandals. That said, Trump’s enemies are very … very … how shall I say it … interesting.

Trump’s enemies hate him with a perfect hatred. They don’t like Trump’s supporters either. They perceive Trump as their enemy.

So, let’s look who hates Trump and who’s warring against him. I’ll say it at the outset, it’s a veritable and unwholesome rogue’s gallery.

I think a good group to highlight in this opening salvo of malevolent monosyllabics that hate Trump would be … drumroll, please … Witches!

Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but if witches are against you, generally and historically speaking, you’re probably doing something right, correct?

According to, a month after Trump took office, witches organized a global campaign to try to voodoo hex The Donald.

Check it out …

The BBC article titled, “Witches cast ‘mass spell’ against Donald Trump” 25 February 2017:

At the stroke of midnight on Friday, followers of witchcraft across the US performed a mass spell designed to stop the president doing harm. A spell to bind Donald Trump and all those who abet him. A Facebook group devoted to the ritual has attracted over 10,500 likes, and coined the hashtag #magicresistance.

Well, isn’t that special? I wonder who could’ve inspired that curse against President Trump? Hmmm. Maybe … Satan?!

Look, I’m not the coldest beer in the ‘fridge, but I’m a-gues- sin’ if witches and warlocks don’t like you and they’re tossing tarot cards, lighting candles, praying to Satan and breaking their Ouija Board over your public policies then you’re probably kind of close to being in proximity to that which is holy, just, and good, eh?

Who else isn’t mondo jovial Mr. Trump has taken his seat behind the same desk where Bill boinked Monica? Well, it’s people and organizations like the following pouters …

Satanists. Communists. Socialists. Venezuelan Dictators. Occasional-Cortex. ANTIFA. Abortion Advocates (Especially the late-term enthusiasts.) The DNC (Who, by the way, booed God during their 2012 convention. Google it if you think I’m lying. Enjoy.) TransBathroom Devotees. Misandrists. Anti-Theists. Anti-Christian Groups. The Anti-White Men Cabal. Those Who Are Envious of Our Prosperity. Open Border Droogies. Peeps Who Hate ICE. Anti-Cop Morons. Hollywood. Jihadists. CNN. MSNBC. Miley Virus. Katy Perry. Madonna.

Most of the aforementioned folks and organizations ain’t coming from a Christian Worldview.

Most of ‘em’s love for the Constitution and our founding docs is muy poquito.

A lot of these clowns have zero problem with the likes of Fidel & Che, Hugo, and Osama, and most have no problemo with our nation being wide-open to either MS-13 or ISIS.

The whole lot of them are not known for biblical righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost, correct?

Therefore, if, IF, if I’m right in regards to the aforementioned’s antipathy towards the scripture, traditional values, America’s founding documents, and our original intent and they hate Trump then I would say Trump’s on the right path. Call me crazy.

The above was an excerpt from Doug Giles and Brandon Vallorani’s new book, “Would Jesus Vote For Trump?”.

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