Libs Want Michelle Obama To Run Against Trump – What Do YOU Think?

Written by K. Walker on August 3, 2019

Some on the left have been trying to draft Michelle as the 2020 candidate since November 9, 2016.

The movement has continued for years.

With the lackluster slate of Democrat 2020 candidates, there has been a renewed call for Michelle Obama to run by filmmaker-turned-political guru, Michael Moore.

The former First Lady is currently on a book tour for her memoir, Becoming, which is still selling at an incredible rate despite the flagging interest in the genre of “political tell-alls.”

…Michelle Obama’s Becoming capped it off, selling a massive 725,000 copies in a single day and moving a jaw-dropping 4.5 million copies at outlets that report to BookScan since its November 13, 2018 debut. Becoming might well be the best-selling memoir in history.
Source: Forbes

Take a look at how Michelle is currently viewed in the Media(D):

The esteemed thriller writer, host of his self-titled podcast, and Supreme Ruler of the Multiverse™, Andrew Klavan discussed the prospect of Michelle’s candidacy on his show recently.

Klavan speculates that this may be the reason that Barack Obama has been hanging back and not endorsing Joe Biden, the current Democrat front-runner — the man that was his Vice President for 8 years — is because he’s waiting to see what Michelle wants to do.

…we all have noticed that Barack Obama has not endorsed Joe Biden, and why not, you know? Is he holding fire? Does he hate Joe, no. I mean, he may be waiting to see what Michelle wants to do. Plus, Michelle’s autobiography which I have not yet read, but I hear that every conservative should read it because it really sells her as kind of the all-American story. The true up and comer.

She’s got all the identity politics that the Left wants, she’s a woman, she’s black. They loved Obama, and it’s an interesting thing because she is a beloved American. There’s just no getting around that, Moore is just telling the truth. She’s a beloved American. The question is are people going to fall again for [Obama]. I think people voted for Obama, a lot because it made them feel good about themselves. It made them feel good about America. We’ve gotten past the racism. We’ve elevated this guy, and I think they got burned.

And it is interesting that even though Obama won re-election, and even though he remained personally popular in the polls; the Democrat Party under Obama was gutted. There was nobody left. There were no governors, there were no state assembly people, there was no senators. They lost both houses. I mean it was amazing how he destroyed the Democrat Party, while remaining popular himself. People liked him. People maybe, like themselves, when they liked him. Maybe they would feel the same way about Michelle. Or maybe they would feel, yeah thanks very much. You know, get a talk show and that’ll be fine and we’ll love you there. But we don’t want you destroying this stuff that Donald Trump has done like increase our wages, and increase our jobs, and keep the peace. Do all the things that Obama failed to do. …

Klavan concludes by saying that Trump vs. Michelle would be the ultimate battle of Right vs Left.

And he’s right.

So, it would be the ultimate left-right race if you think about it for a minute because it would be an attractive, nice, beloved person — whose policies have been proven failure. They have a proven track record of failure. And it would be a mean, belligerent, nasty Donald Trump — whose policies have worked. And that’s the ultimate Right and Left fight because the Right is the daddy party. It’s a mean party. It’s the party who tells you the truth. It’s the party who gives you a shot in the head when you’re misbehaving. It’s the party who thinks people who break the law should be arrested. It’s the party who thinks what works should be there, instead of what makes us feel good about ourselves.

And the Left is the party of we’re nice. Here’s some money, we’ll take that money from that evil rich guy, and we’ll give it to you.
Source: Daily Wire

The thing is, Michelle has made it clear that she is not going to run in 2020. Heck, she has said that didn’t really want Barack to run in 2008 but supported him because she didn’t think that the United States would elect a black president.

Besides the “zero chance” that she’d run for president, the other major hurdle she’d face is that she is married to Barack. Although that would play well in a general election, she’d have to defend his (rapidly disappearing) legacy and policies, which is becoming increasingly unpalatable by the Democrat base.

He’s the most popular figure in the Democratic Party by far, revered by liberals, moderates and even some Republicans.

But former President Barack Obama — who has remained largely silent amid a rancorous Democratic primary — came under a harsh spotlight as candidates vying for his onetime job picked apart aspects of his legacy during Wednesday night’s debate.

The skeptical examination of the party’s de facto leader left several veterans of the Obama administration outraged that more attacks were trained on the former President than the current one. And Obama has privately expressed some disapproval of what he views as unrealistic proposals from some Democratic candidates, according to a source familiar with those conversations.
From health care to immigration to trade, key accomplishments of the Obama administration came under fire and faced a sometimes-unflattering re-examination by candidates eager to keep their campaigns alive by trying to prove their progressive credentials.
Source: CNN

Democrats can’t seem to decide what it is that they want. Was Obama a spectacular president or a dumpster fire? Democrats say both!

Republicans have a more realistic view of Obama’s presidency — it was a spectacular dumpster fire. Regulations increased, freedom decreased as the government forced people to buy a product that they didn’t want (ObamaCare), illegal wars were started, journalists were targeted, the Media(D) swooned over him and forgot how to do their jobs, and racial tensions were ratcheted up, in large part due to the wokescolding directly from the White House.

The “experts” (like Michael Moore) claim that Michelle could beat Trump.

Do you think that Barry’s “bitter half” could accomplish that feat is she ran?

We’ve all seen the dishonest games the left have played with the power they’re entrusted with, they’re obviously unworthy of that trust.

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