LMAO: Bill Maher’s BRUTAL Clap-back Tweet After Rashida Tlaib Calls For A Boycott Of His Show

Written by K. Walker on August 22, 2019

She’s going to need some aloe for that burn.

Bill Maher is a lot of things, but a wallflower is not one of them.

When freshman Congresswoman Rep. Rashida Tlaib(D-MI) called for a boycott of Real Time with Bill Maher, because she didn’t like what he said, Maher wasn’t going to just sit there and take it.

Through his Twitter account, he subtly called out Tlaib in a tweet while posting a video of the segment that she found problematic.

The clip shows Maher mocking the pro-BDS movement calling it a “bullsh*t purity test by people who want to appear woke but actually slept through history class.”

He says that it’s “very shallow thinking” that is basically based on identitarian politics categorizing the Jews as “white” and Palestinians as “brown” and therefore oppressed. It’s just ignorant. Maher then points out that one of the founders of the BDS movement doesn’t believe that a Jewish state should exist at all and that the so-called “occupation” didn’t come out of nowhere, and that Jews aren’t treated well in Muslim countries. He says that only one side gets portrayed in the American media.

Maher says that predominantly-Muslim countries in the Middle East don’t have as many Jews as they had prior to 1948. He also brings up things that aren’t talked about like Saudi Arabi has a “Jewish ban” that doesn’t ever seem to be mentioned when the issue of peace in the Middle East is discussed.

The brutal part was the wording of the tweet itself implying that Rep. Tlaib is a one-trick pony who just wants to “cancel” opposing views.

Maher then kicks her while she’s down by pointing out that her view is a minority view among Democrats in Congress and asks if she’s going to propose “boycotts” of 93% of her colleagues.

It. Is. Brutal.

This is the thing that Speaker Pelosi was saying when she spoke to 60 Minutes:

“The Squad” is not doing so well at making friends and influencing their peers.

Damn good thing, that!

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