LMAO: Lance Armstrong’s Twitter Snipe At Mike Pence Backfires Hilariously!

Written by Wes Walker on August 11, 2019

Fame is fickle, we all know that. If you ever wondered ‘whatever happened to’ Lance Armstrong — he’s just come back as an internet punching bag.

How does the left score brownie points with their team? Dunking on Republicans is a good start. Dunking on the administration is even better.

Taking a snipe at Mike Pence? That’s gotta be good enough to get you trending on Twitter, right?

Well, yes… AND no. It depends if you want to be the butt of the joke.

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Here’s his attempt:

In a rare showing of internet bipartisanship, he got absolutely DRAGGED on Twitter:

Some call-outs absolutely SMOKED him. There’s NO coming back from this:

Oh, great. He’s an ungrateful @$$hole on top of everything else!

Naturally, we got in on the fun:

He tried to respond. We’ll leave how well he did there to our readers:

Here are two of the better replies he got.

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