Gaffe Machine: Sleepy Joe Thinks He Was The Veep In 2018? No, This Isn’t Satire

Written by Wes Walker on August 11, 2019

When Biden said he was a ‘gaffe machine’ he wasn’t kidding.

But the rest of that old quote is pretty damning now.

“I am a gaffe machine,” Biden admitted in December when asked about potential liabilities of his campaign. “But my God what a wonderful thing compared to a guy who can’t tell the truth,” he said. — Source: Guardian

Biden can’t tell the truth. And it’s harder to tell the difference between when he’s stumbling, when he’s confused, or when he’s outright lying to us.

Which category would you put his latest ‘hit’ in, for example?

So here’s the question. Is it an outright lie? Is he mixing up his massacres? Is he *that* out of it that he actually thinks it’s true?

The answer matters, because he tells that story in the context of taking a swipe against other politicians, painting them as cowards.

It’s hard to dismiss it as just a ‘slip’ because he said it again at a press conference. And he was pandering to Everytown — a left-wing Anti-2a group.

Which is weird, because someone was in the White House, meeting with Parkland survivors. It just wasn’t anyone from HIS administration.

Is he lying about something so obviously untrue?

Social media jumped right in. Some to mock him, others to help him out. Maybe he’s just thinking about the wrong shooting? Here’s a list:

(Of course, that doesn’t count any of the gangland-style killings in major cities.)

Here are a few archived stories about some of Joe’s OTHER embarrassing moments: