LMAO: The Trump Vs. The Mooch Twitter War Is Heating Up

Written by Wes Walker on August 20, 2019

Mooch — who’s getting CNN gigs now — has gone all-in on his NeverTrumpism. What a coincidence. But Trump is hitting back.

The Mooch, Anthony Scaramucci– whose name most of us had heard of before Trump elevated him to a White House job was famous for being the shortest tenure of any high-profile appointment in Trump’s chaotic first year.

He was certainly a colorful character in his short time in the White House. When CNN wrote a bogus hit piece against him, he managed to get several CNN employees fired while threatening a $100M libel suit.

But ‘magically’, CNN is inviting him on their show now. All is somehow forgiven between them.

The ‘Mooch’ rode the President’s coat-tails to a brief glimmer of prominence.

And with a simple reversal of any of his ‘principles’, he is looking to ride them again and cash in on the Liberal news circuit.

(Just like Avenatti did before him.)

All it took was the Mooch going full anti-Trump and repeating the NYTimes official talking points about Trump being a dangerous racist that must be stopped.

Aside from the ridiculous claim that Trump won’t run for a second term, you’ve heard all his schtick before on CNN, MSNBC and papers like the NYTimes or WaPo. He’s really not all that original.

But, have we ever mentioned that Trump is a counter-puncher? Because he slapped back… on Twitter, of course.

Heh, heh.

He had a lot of good things to say about Trump. We’ve established the Mooch is full of crap. So which is the REAL Anthony Scaramucci?

Was he lying to seize an opportunity to weasel his way into the White House, or is he lying now to weasel his way onto television?

Or — is he a Clintonian empty shell of a man who has no real principles of his own beyond the ones his current situation requires him to pretend to have? (Let us know what you think in the comments!)

Here’s a story from back when the Mooch was NOT CNN’s latest mistress:

CLASH POLL: CNN’s In Full Meltdown Mode For Russia BS Stories – Do You Love It?

It would be a real shame if this got shared on social media, wouldn’t it? It might even embarrass the little guy.

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