Nobel Prize Winner Shreds AOC’s Concentration Camp Rhetoric With This Historical Truthbomb

Written by Wes Walker on August 20, 2019

That’s pretty impressive for a guy who died a decade ago, right?

AOC & Co. are happily leading the crusade for bringing Socialism to American shores while denouncing a crisis situation that they caused and is explicitly within the power of Congress to legislate and solve. They call out ‘Concentration camps’ as they lean heavily on the ‘Trump is literally Hitler’ trope.

History has some bad news for AOC. If she keeps pushing that Socialism she loves so much, there are going to be a lot more ‘concentration camps’. And this time, they’ll be real concentration, not overstrained facilities filled by people voluntarily streaming into our country calling out ‘Olly Olly oxen free’ and saying ‘asylum’ when Border Enforcement shows up.

An ACTUAL concentration camp, it shouldn’t need to be explained, is not something ANYONE would voluntarily enter or stay in. And that by itself should be evidence enough that the Dems’ preferred narrative is based on a lie.

But there’s a funny thing about a wannabe socialist bringing the conversation around to Concentration camps. She’s done us all a favor by letting us all take in some history… from Pulitzer Prize winner Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

As someone who had the misfortune to have been a prisoner of both the Nazis (he was captured in WWII) and a prisoner of Stalin for 8 years when he returned after the war, he had a unique view on history, especially as it related to totalitarian prison systems.

In ‘Gulag Archipelago‘, he sheds some valuable light both on socialism’s attitude toward mass incarceration and on whether Nazi Germany was truly the source of the great evil of Concentration Camps.

‘Didn’t Marx and Engels teach that the old bourgeois machinery of compulsion had to be broken up and a new one created immediately in its place? And included in the machinery of compulsion were the army (we are not surprised that the Red Army was created at the beginning of 1918); the police (the militia was inaugurated even sooner than the army); the courts (from November 22, 1917) and the prisons. How, in establishing the dictatorship of the proletariat, could they delay with a new type of prison?

That is to say that it was altogether impermissible to delay in the matter of prisons, whether old or new. In the first months after the October Revolution Lenin was already demanding “the most decisive draconic measures to tighten up discipline.” And are draconic measures possible — without prison?

What new could the proletarian state contribute here? Lenin was feeling out new paths. In December 1917, he suggested for consideration the following assortment of punishments “confiscation of all property… confinement in prison, dispatch to the front, and forced labor for all who disobey the existing law” thus we can observe that the leading idea of the Archipelago — forced labor — had been advanced in the first month after the October Revolution.

As he continued a little further down the page, consider how very much like the voices of today his next words sound (still citing Lenin)…

…”The suppression of the minority of exploiters to the majority of the hired slaves of yesterday is a matter so comparatively easy, simple, and natural, that it is going to cost much less in blood … will be much cheaper for humanity” than the preceding suppression of the majority by the minority.”

According to estimates of emigre Professor of Statistics Kurganov, this ‘comparatively easy’ internal repression cost us [meaning the USSR] from the beginning of the October Revolution up to 1959, a total of …sixty six million — 66,000,000 — lives. We, of course, cannot vouch for his figures but we have none other that is official.

Notice the theme of past crimes of the oppressor being hit with ‘retributive payback’ by the oppressed that echo in the words of the would-be political leaders of today. If you want to know whose song sheet the Left’s 2020 candidates are singing from, it is none other than Vladimir Lenin’s.

Which is pretty rich after all that ‘Russian Collusion’ and ‘Puppet of Russia’ talk.

But we promised to shed light on the ORIGIN of the phrase concentration camp. And so we shall in this next quote:

In August, 1918, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin wrote in a telegram to Yevgeniya Bosh and to the Penza Provincial Executive Committee (they were unable to cope with a peasant revolt): ‘Lock up all the doubtful ones [not “guilty,” mind you, but doubtful –A.S.] in a concentration camp outside the city. (And in addition “carry out merciless mass terror” — this was before the decree.)

Only on September 5, 1918, ten days after the telegram, was the Decree on the Red Terror published. In addition to the instructions on mass executions, it stated in particular: “Secure the Soviet Republic against its class enemies by isolating them in concentration camps

So that is where this term — concentration camps — was discovered and immediately seized upon and confirmed — one of the principal terms of the twentieth century, and it was to have a big international future! And this is when it was born — in August and September, 1918. The word itself had already been used during World War I, but in relation to POW’s and undesirable foreigners. But here in 1918 it was for the first time applied to the citizens of one’s own country.

So to recap:

For the Socialist agenda to advance, the needed tools to FORCE the public to obey the dictates of the State. We see early glimpses of that totalitarian urge of compelling their enemies to comply with the left calling for boycotts of media personalities critical of The Squad, and AOC using Congressional power to intimidate Banks into NOT doing business with causes she opposes. (Offering bank loans for building ICE detention facilities, for example.)

This gives rise to a need for LARGE numbers of detention facilities for all the people who are unwilling to comply.

The SEEDS for socialism becoming a totalitarian police state are — according to no less an authority than Engles and Marx themselves — a FEATURE of socialism, not a ‘bug’.

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