More Men Are Following The Mike Pence Example At Work… Feminists Are Offended

Written by Wes Walker on August 31, 2019

Study shows more men are following Pence’s lead. The Feminists’ explanation for ‘why’ is bat-crap crazy.

Remember how freaked out people got when they heard that Mike Pence didn’t go out for dinner alone with any woman except his wife? Now that there’s a study showing that practice is catching on in the post-MeToo era, the usual suspects are even MORE freaked out.

But they skipped right past the OBVIOUS explanation of being overly-cautious to avoid any situation in which someone could be compromised or wrongly accused and rushed ahead to one that fit their victimhood and patriarchy assumptions.

What a very ‘strong woman’ thing to do.

A journal named Organizational Dynamics has published a study. laying out changes in male behavior with coworkers:

• 27% of men avoid one-on-one meetings with female co-workers. Yep, that’s right, almost a third of men are terrified to be alone in a room with a woman.

• 21% of men said they would be reluctant to hire women for a job that would require close interaction (such as business travel).

• 19% of men would be reluctant to hire an attractive woman.

The data above was collected in early 2019 from workers across a wide range of industries. Researchers had asked the same questions (albeit to different people and with more of a focus on future expectations) in early 2018, just as #MeToo was in full swing, and depressingly, things appear to have got worse. In 2018, for example, 15% of men said they would be more reluctant to hire women for jobs that require close interpersonal interactions with women, compared to 21% in 2019.

It’s not just men who are afraid of women, by the way. Women also appear to be increasingly wary of hiring women. The 2018 survey results found that more than 10% of men and women said they expected to be less willing than before to hire attractive women. (Note: the 2019 results for women are not yet public.) Internalized misogyny really is a bitch.
Source: Guardian

The Guardian author, Arwa Mahdawi proceeded to psycho-analyze the entire business population and declare the motives of people she had never met:

So there you go: most men are perfectly aware of the difference between a friendly hug and a creepy hug. They are perfectly aware of what constitutes harassment and what doesn’t. Which makes you wonder why so many men are afraid to interact with women at work?

The answer to that question, perhaps, is that a lot of men aren’t so much afraid of being accused of anything as they are they are angry that #MeToo ever happened. They’re angry that they’ve been made to think about their behavior, made to interrogate power dynamics they always took for granted, and they are punishing women for it by refusing to interact with them.

And then, in her closing argument, she cited a headline talking about the MeToo backlash and used that to frame a punish-the-victim mentality.

Sorry, lady, it’s a question of risk and reward, no different from school districts getting told by their lawyers and insurance companies that the playground equipment needs updating so that they don’t risk an injury leading to a lawsuit.

Human nature is such that long periods of time spent alone with a member of the opposite sex can — especially in situations that involve overnight travel, social situations and alcohol consumption, can often lead to sexually charged situations.

In fact, that very situation landed Ilhan Omar in the news yet again, didn’t it?

Wouldn’t a ‘Mike Pence’ approach to long hours alone have potentially saved BOTH of their marriages? See: Dear America: Do You Prefer The ‘Mike Pence Rule’ Or The ‘Ilhan Omar Rule’ Of Personal Conduct?

And the author put the blame squarely on men’s shoulders. THEY know perfectly well what’s creepy and what’s not. What constitutes harassment and what doesn’t.

Oh, really?

Then how do you explain example after example of women engaging in consensual sex, regretting it AFTER the fact, and then lodging a MeToo-style allegation after the fact?

We covered a story about one woman who went to the other room to produce a condom at college, and THEN claimed she was unwilling, and then, in the ‘hearings’ the college was receptive to her testimony and openly hostile to the male student before deciding his fate.

We covered a story where an anonymous woman wrote in detail about the date she had with a public figure, the oyster bar they visited, going back to his place, and the ‘obligation’ she felt to put out. She could have said no. She could have called a cab. Instead, in her regret, she named and shamed a public figure for choices she willingly made because saying ‘stop’ would have been awkward.

Add to that, a culture among women like (apparently) this Ms. Mahdawi who see in men the embodiment of all manner of wickedness, and many guys are smart enough to see the cost/benefit ratio just doesn’t add up.

One accusation (justified or not) can kill a career. How can someone protect yourself against such a catastrophic outcome? It’s simple.

Create a situation where you’re never alone with a professional colleague of the opposite sex and you have just mitigated that career-destroying risk.

THOSE are the stakes, lady. For someone with an inflated sense of self-importance, it’s easy to see how you might take that personally, and heap contempt on anyone who doesn’t dance to your tune.

But don’t flatter yourself. It ISN’T anything personal. Really.

It’s just business and simple math.

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