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NO MEDIA BIAS? Study Shows That Congressional Democrats Appear On Cable News 7 TIMES More Than Republicans

When opinion is dressed up as fact, where do you turn for “news”?

For all their complaining about the ‘hyperpartisanship’ of Fox News, where is the political outrage about THIS lopsided figure favoring Democrat politicians in the PartisanPress?

Not only are Democrats heavily favored as guests on the networks, but even the questions asked of their guests are often framed in light of Democrat Talking points.

MRC analysts examined every broadcast from 6am ET to midnight ET on CNN and MSNBC during three randomly-selected weeks when Congress was in session (January 7-11, March 25-29 and June 10-14), amounting to 540 hours of programming. Each network conducted virtually the same number of interviews with sitting members of Congress: 159 on MSNBC, vs. 165 on CNN.

Our analysts found an overwhelming partisan bias on MSNBC, where congressional Democrats were interviewed 13 times more often than their GOP counterparts during these sample weeks (148 Democrats vs. just 11 Republicans). On CNN, the ratio was a still wildly-imbalanced four to one (136 vs. 29).
Source: Newsbusters

Republican guests faced a total of 310 questions, just over half of which (156, or 50%) could be classified as reflecting the agenda of one party or the other. Of those, 152 (97%) reflected an adversarial/Democratic agenda, compared to a mere four (2.5%) based on a friendlier, Republican agenda.

For Democrats, the terrain was far more hospitable. Of 660 questions identified as having a partisan tilt (out of 1,653 total questions), 535 (81%) were based on a friendly Democratic agenda, while the remaining 125 (19%) asked the Democrats to respond to an adversarial/Republican agenda.

There’s nothing wrong in asking a political guest to respond to the arguments of the other side. But repeatedly asking Republicans to answer to Democratic talking points, while rarely asking Democrats to do the same thing, suggests cable networks are actually choosing sides, rather than merely playing Devil’s advocate with guests.
Source: Newsbusters

As a ‘for-instance’, watch the kind of manure that is spread when these Congressional Democrats appear on CNN:

Then again, they had already TOLD us how they were more committed to propaganda than news, haven’t they? Here’s just a sampling:

Wes Walker

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