The ‘Antifascists’ Ran Riot In Portland Protests … Again(Video)

Written by Wes Walker on August 18, 2019

Yet another Saturday where the streets were not safe for the ordinary citizen, or anyone displaying a patriotic symbol.

The anarchists posing as ‘antifascists’ were out in force again, with their masks, mace and assortment of weapons.

And still, these guys claim to be the defenders of the American way:

Here’s what the officials had to say about the protests:

Mayor Wheeler was very pleased that having the police out in force was able to stop the violence. He said so in a press conference.

And here’s what the ‘boots on the ground’ reporting showed us:

Attacking as ‘nazis’ innocent tourists who got swept up in the confusion, attacked, pepper-sprayed and egged:

Wolfpack tactics used against a man and an adult woman so petite she was mistakenly described as a juvenile who got separated from the group, surrounded and attacked with makeshift weapons:

Police claiming that the ‘blue-check’ reporter is ‘inciting’ the mob by being there…

Reporter gets surrounded by Antifa, but HE is the one who ‘has to leave’.

Police withdraw from protecting Conservative group, depsite an ‘all hands on deck’ attitude to these protest:

This is just a smattering of the ‘success’ Mayor Wheeler was bragging about.

What, pray tell, would it take to actually declare it a failure — standing by and watching half the city burn?


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