Bill Maher’s Truth Bomb Blows Up The Squad: BDS Is A BullS**t Purity Test For Democrats

Written by Wes Walker on August 17, 2019

When Maher is right, he’s absolutely SAVAGE. Sorry Rashida Talib, your little ‘wounded bird’ routine isn’t even convincing to your OWN team.

The ‘Squad’ does one thing well — they suck all the oxygen out of a room and force the public attention on themselves. This week it was around their publicity stunt about visiting Israel. We’ve covered that elsewhere (links at the bottom).

Trump, not surprisingly, shared his thoughts on it through twitter:

Of course, Pelosi & Co. tried to play it all up as horrible and unpresidential and all the other usual talking points… etcetera, etcetera.

There’s only one problem with that.

Even LIBERALS can see through their BS talking points.

Bill Maher is no friend of Trump — in fact, he has been openly HOPING for a painful recession to hit the US, something which would hurt the ‘little people’ (leaving the elites like himself unaffected) if that’s what it takes to bounce Trump out of office.

(Like most liberals — YOUR pain is a price he’s willing to pay.)

But he’s slapping the Left around on how blindly partisan they’ve been on the subject of Israel.

He does more to set the record straight in four short minutes than most news reports would.

If the Left can’t even convince their OWN side that Trump is the bad guy in this exchange, how can they possibly hope to con the rest of the country?