Petition To Rename NYC Block Where Trump Tower Is Located Gains Steam

Written by K. Walker on August 15, 2019

If this plan succeeds, the #Resist crowd might just regret the move…

An online petition on to rename the Fifth Avenue block where Trump Tower sits to “President Barack H. Obama Avenue” is just shy of 300,000 signatures with over 80,000 in the last 24 hours.

The petition is addressed to (unpopular) 2020 Democratic hopeful/New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio as well as the New York City Council. It requests that “the stretch of Fifth Avenue between 56th and 57th Streets be renamed ‘President Barack H. Obama Avenue.’ Any addresses on that stretch of Fifth Avenue should be changed accordingly.”

The reasoning behind the petition is clearly stated — the city of Los Angeles renamed a section of the 134 Freeway near Downtown L.A. to honor the former president and New York should do the same.

The petition says that President Obama should be honored in this way because of his many accomplishments including, “saving our nation from the Great Recession; serving two completely scandal-free terms in office; and taking out Osama bin Laden, the mastermind behind September 11th, which killed over 3,000 New Yorkers.”

It seems like those #Resisters suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome also suffer from Obama Scandal Blindness.

The author of the petition, Elizabeth Rowin, spoke to CBS News about the petition that has over 290,000 supporters.

Rowin said she started the petition back in December after seeing a comedian joke about it on Twitter. “I thought, ‘That’s a great idea and probably no one is going to do anything about it,’ so I decided to do it,” she told CBS News on Wednesday.

A few news sites picked up the petition in January, but then it “kind of died out,” Rowin said. It started to gain traction again after a viral tweet this week from a man in Scotland.

Fun fact: Elizabeth Rowin isn’t from New York, she lives in Los Angeles.

She also started the petition as a way to “troll” President Trump.

While a few city council members said they would look into it, Rowin said she has yet to receive any concrete responses from officials.

“I really didn’t think there was a chance that it could happen,” Rowin, who lives in Los Angeles, said. “I think it would be fabulous. I think people feel kind of helpless right now, and it’s a way to troll him,” she said of President Trump. “If he does hear about it, maybe it would slow him down and distract him.”

Source: CBS News

Rowin is right, there’s no way that the New York City Council would annoy businesses on Fifth Avenue by changing the name of their block just to troll the President. Think of the costs that would be incurred in changing stationary.

If by some remote chance that the name of the block is changed, it would be easy enough to spin this to President Trump’s benefit.

So-called “President Barack H. Obama Avenue” would be in the shadow of Trump Tower — just like President Obama is in the shadow of President Trump.

These #NotMyPresident folks that have refused to accept the results of the 2106 election are totally sane individuals and not a group of shrieking crazies with their hysteria stoked by the Media(D), right?

Sure they are.

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