Venezuelan Government Tells Refugees to Avoid Democrat Controlled Cities in the USA

Written by Rob Morse on August 28, 2019

What do you do when your political promises fail? What can you say once your political graft and corruption lead to widespread poverty and violence? That is a tough situation, but the political solution is well know and time tested; you blame someone else. Venezuelan socialists reduced the richest country in south america from prosperity to violent poverty. Their political policies also caused a frightening surge in robbery and kidnapping. Politicians and the electorate in Venezuela and the US have more in common than first appears.

The Venezuelan government told its citizens to avoid violent cities in the USA. They named Atlanta, Baltimore, Birmingham, Buffalo, Cleveland, Detroit, Memphis, Oakland and Saint Louis as places to avoid. Let’s look closer.

  • Atlanta hasn’t had a Republican mayor for the last 140 years.
  • Baltimore had only Democrat mayors and only Democrat City Councils for the last 18,000 days.
  • Birmingham had Democrat mayors for the last 16,000 days.
  • Buffalo had Democrat mayors for the last 18,000 days and has a completely Democrat Common Council.
  • Cleveland had Democrat mayors for the last 10,000 days and has a completely Democrat City Council.
  • Detroit had Democrat mayors for the last 22,000 days and has a 90% Democrat City Council.
  • Memphis had Democrat mayors for the last 9,000 days.
  • Oakland had Democrat mayors for the last 15,000 days and has a super-majority Democrat city council.
  • Saint Louis had Democrat mayors for the last 15,000 days and has a super-majority of Democrat aldermen.

That is a clear pattern. The avowed Socialists in Venezuela said their starving citizens shouldn’t flee to cities controlled by Democrats in the US.

That condemnation by Venezuela has to hurt. The top Democrats on the national stage have all endorsed big government Socialism as their economic platform. The candidates have all come out for gun confiscation as their path to lower crime. Those are precisely the policies implemented in impoverished and violent Venezuela. There, laid bare, is the cause and effect, the political failure, that American Socialists would like to hide from us.

The Venezuelan government is right about one thing. Political and economic refugees fleeing Socialism want the American dream rather than more of the poverty and corruption they fled. They want jobs, and those Democrat controlled cities are the laggards in our economy. Immigrants want peace and freedom, while these Democrat mayors have delivered more regulation, more poverty, and more drug gangs.

Democrat controlled cities look more like Venezuela than like the rest of the US.

Crumbling Baltimore
Image from

Big government Socialists say they are sophisticated and worldly. They claim to take the best ideas and the brightest people from around the world to rule over us. Someone forgot to tell the Venezuelan government that it isn’t nice to call out the corruption and failures of fellow Socialists. The deteriorating buildings of Caracas and Havana look too much like the dilapidated buildings of Baltimore and Chicago. It is embarrassing to Democrats here in the US when collapsing Socialist regimes point out those similarities.

People who live in crumbling glass houses should not throw stones, but as we’ve seen in Venezuelan protests, stones may be all the citizens have now that honest citizens are disarmed.


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