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VERY FAKE NEWS: MSNBC’s O’Donnell Backpedals Over Outrageous Anti-Trump Accusation

That old ‘big if true’ tactic just isn’t cutting it… especially when a lawyer’s letter gets involved.

Lawrence ‘stop the hammering’ O’Donnell and Rachel Maddow were doing the transition between their shows and Larry couldn’t help but tease his ‘big story’ on her show.

But even the Russian-conspiracy-addicted, Maddow, who was intrigued at first when he mentioned his ‘single source’ information into Trump’s supposed Deutsche Bank dealings was incredulous by the time he finished his big-if-true ‘tease’.

It’s funny how a lawyer’s letter from the White House can make someone change their tune.

The very next day, he made the following Retraction:

Here’s why the apology/retraction for such reckless journalist isn’t enough. The reputational damage doesn’t correct itself just because someone gets shamed into retracting an outrageous lie:

Larry claimed he had a ‘source’. Did he REALLY? Or was this yet another internet hoax traceable back to some random person on 4chan?

Here’s someone who claims to have tripped him up with the hoax.

Maybe he should switch to decaf. And, no, we haven’t forgotten about the hammering, Larry:

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Wes Walker

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