WATCH: CNN’s Brian Stelter Allows Guest To Compare Trump To Hitler, Stalin, And Mao

Written by K. Walker on August 26, 2019

The Trump Derangement Syndrome on CNN is getting out of control.

The Media(D) wonders why we can’t take them seriously when crap like this happens with startling regularity.

It has been 3 solid years of vilification fo Donald J. Trump. The man that was a beloved pop-culture icon and a household name for decades was suddenly labeled racist — just like every other Republican president and presidential candidate.


The New York Times, a newspaper turned propaganda machine, has decided that the only way to cover President Trump is to overtly call him racist. Nevermind their own historical (and seemingly persistent) struggle with anti-Semitism.

The Times insisting on covering President Trump as racist is one tactic, but CNN’s Brian Stelter thinks that there’s a better way to frame the Trump presidency — as a mentally unstable Commander-in-Chief.

On Brian Stelter’s show with the astoundingly ironic nomenclature, Reliable Sources, a guest suffering from a severe case of TDS was permitted to say that President Trump was perhaps worse than Hitler, Stalin, and Mao. Stelter allowed the comment to slide, as well as the quip that comparing Trump to people suffering from mental illness is “insulting” to the mentally ill who already suffer from stigmas. The guest also says that the fact that Trump was elected at all is “crazy” and that his policies are “crazy”. Did Stelter call out his guest for saying these things?


Stelter seems to be suffering from his own version of TDS. He opened his show explaining how President Trump is “getting worse” and it’s covered everywhere except Fox News. He said that it’s “obvious” because of “the contradictions, the lies, the complete rejection of reality” by President Trump.

He defends the Media(D) framing the news by labeling Trump’s statements as “racist”, “erratic”, “volatile,” and “unstable.” He says that the Media(D) should be even more overt in their bais.

He seems to be calling for an end to the “Goldwater Rule” which states that it is unethical to diagnose a patient without an examination. Stelter thinks it’s fine to determine the mental fitness of the President using sound bites.

The American Psychiatric Association disagrees with Stelter.

Remember that Stelter is the guy that was so upset that Sean Spicer is going to be on Dancing With The Stars that he conducted an investigation including questioning ABC employees on their feelings on the matter. 

So, what did Brian do?

He brought on Allen Frances, a psychiatrist that just wrote a book called, “Twilight Of American Sanity, A Psychiatrist Analyses In The Age Of Trump.” A cursory glance at this guy’s Twitter feed and you can see that he constantly tweets that President Trump is crazy and often compares the President to Hitler.

Somehow, Stelter allowed this nutter on his show.

It seems like it’s Brian that has a problem here. For a so-called “media watchdog” this bro has some real problems keeping his opinions out of his “journalism” — even in the guests that are booked on his show.

Watch Stelter let the comments slide:

So, let’s compare, shall we?

  • China’s Chairman Mao Zedong killed up to 45 million under his so-called “Great Leap Forward”
  • Soviet leader, Joseph Stalin killed around 20 million people through labor camps, famine, and executions
  • Adolf Hitler’s Nazi regime killed around 11 million people, including 6 million European Jews
  • Donald Trump is responsible for the death of… 0 people

Stelter later posted on Twitter he did not interrupt Frances because he did not hear the comment because of “tech difficulties.”

Brian Stelter wants to discuss how “mentally unstable” the President is… sure. We can have that discussion.

But perhaps we should also have a discussion on how biased Brian Stelter and the rest of the Media(D) are and are determined to make the President of the United States look crazy with their edited clips and editorialization of the news.

That’s a story that the Media(D) won’t ever want to cover. Instead, they’ll keep railing against Fox News and independent sources like ClashDaily.

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