WATCH: Desperate Bernie Talks Politics With Rapper Cardi B At A NAIL SALON

Written by K. Walker on August 16, 2019

It’s like the “Odd Couple” only this time it’s an angry 77-year-old communist and an airhead rapper/ex-stripper who used to drug and steal from men who were expecting sex.

Is Cardi B more of an ideological equal with Bernie Sanders than Elizabeth Warren?

I do believe that she is.

Think about it — he screws over the voters by stealing from them through increased taxation, and Cardi B admitted that she used to drug and steal from guys after she had promised to screw them.

The new campaign video is hoping to reach a new crop of young voters.

The unlikely pair filmed last month at a black-owned nail salon named TEN Nail Bar in Detroit, Michigan while the Vermont senator was in the city for the second round of Democratic presidential debates.

In a social media post, Cardi said she fielded questions from her more than 49 million Instagram followers to prepare for her meeting with the senator from Vermont.

“You know, what I’m trying to do is I’m trying to advocate the youth and my community because I feel like there’s a serious problem right now in America,” said Cardi B.

Source: ABC news

They discussed racism, minimum wage, the elimination of student debt, high drug costs, healthcare as a “human right,” combatting police brutality, and immigration.

Bernie also doubled-down on the vilification of the President by stating that “Donald Trump is an overt racist.” Later in the video, he says that he wants young people to get involved and register to vote because “Trump does not want people of color to participate in the political process.”

Too late.

It’s not a surprise as Cardi B has been talking about politics lately and her tilt is decidedly to the left. In July she tweeted that she was upset that Bernie wasn’t the nominee in 2016.

Ah, the ignorance of a woman who regularly exposes herself to toxic fumes to make her nails and hair look creepy.

Watch the full video here:

Bernie said a few key things in this interview:

  1. When discussing the strained relationship between some communities and the police, he said that the police force should “look like the community that they represent” and that the “militarization of the police” should end.
  2. Bernie said that he would reinstitute DACA and expand the plan to cover their parents — so amnesty. (Would Bernie reinstate the Wet-Foot/Dry-Foot protections for Cuban refugees that Obama removed?)
  3. Both Cardi B and Bernie are big fans of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Cardi B explains her love of FDR by sharing a birthday with his wife Eleanor, and that he kept the economy going after the Great Depression while fighting a World War. The incredible political thinker, Thomas Sowell, is one of many economists that say that FDR’s policies prolonged the Great Depression.

The Twitter reaction to the rather uncomfortable video was hilarious!

Cardi B has taken quite a shift in her position, apparently. In March 2018, she was very angry that she was paying 40 percent in taxes.


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