WATCH: Epic Capture of 11 Foot, 400lb Gator That Devoured 100lb Pit Bull Named ‘Tank’

Written by Wes Walker on August 9, 2019

“Nature, red in tooth in claw.” — Tennyson

Normally, a 100lb pitbull named ‘Tank’ would be thought to be safely at the top of the food chain.

Normally, you’d be right.

But that was only until they discovered a serious ‘water hazard’. Tank’s owner took him for a walk down to a retention pond in Florida, and a gator snatched him off his leash.

Unreal. She said that the gator made him look like a chihuahua by comparison.


She was able to get some ‘closure’ when authorities caught the huge gator and hauled him away.

It makes you wonder — what ELSE has an eleven-foot gator so close to civilization been eating?

How many other missing animal posters have a very ‘natural’ explanation?