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Odd Squad: AOC Thinks She’s Practically A Libertarian… No, This Isn’t Satire

Now she’s trying to pull Libertarians over to vote Democrat… do you think anyone will buy it?

There are some things about the Libertarian platform that she says she likes.

Translation — “you agree with me on some policies… I approve.” She’s also playing VERY dishonestly with the language.

“I actually think I have a lot of common ground with many libertarian viewpoints in [the Republican] party,” Ocasio-Cortez said, emphasizing her stances on immigration, the military, and privacy rights. Her admission comes not long after she and Sen. Ted Cruz (R–Texas) publicly agreed on the need to prohibit former congresspeople from becoming lobbyists, as well as to make hormonal birth control available over the counter.

“True libertarians, which many happen to be in the Republican Party, true libertarian viewpoints are pro-immigration,” she explained on Instagram. Advocates of smaller government do indeed acknowledge that immigrants help the economy, and many dismiss the notion that the federal government is capable of determining optimal migration levels.

Ocasio-Cortez also told Instagram viewers that her “anti-interventionist” and “anti-war” positioning fits in line with a libertarian mindset. “From the perspective of small government, there are Republicans who are very consistently anti-war and anti-military spending,” she said.
Source: Reason

What’s wrong with her statement?

Let’s look at the immigration angle, for instance. Notice she doesn’t differentiate legal and illegal immigration… because she simply doesn’t accept the idea of ANY immigration as illegal.

Libertarians support LEGAL immigration, sure — but slipping over the border? Not so much.

And there’s an either-or issue with Libertarians. The welcoming of immigrants coming across the border is in an explicit Either/Or conflict with her OTHER priority of shoveling taxpayer dollars out the door faster than they can be taken in.

NO self-respecting libertarian would approve of her authoritarian impulses, like bullying banks into NOT doing business with companies supporting causes over which she disapproves.

If she’s willing to say she has a ‘lot of common ground’ with Libertarians over a few overlapping policy points, what would she say if you showed her THIS (without telling her what party her ideas were overlapping with):

The similarities continue. Hitler and the Nazis were resolutely pro-gun- control, pro-speech-code and anti-religious. They regulated everything and dumped billions into public-works projects. Further, the intellectual cross-pollination between German eugenicists and the founding mothers of modern feminism is remarkable.

Recall that Margaret Sanger, the still-revered founder of Planned Parenthood, was an undiluted eugenicist committed to, in her words, the elimination of “weeds . . . overrunning the human garden” and the segregation of “morons, misfits, and the maladjusted.” Her journal, The Birth Control Review, was a convenient transmission belt for racist bile. Lothrop Stoddard, who also was on Sanger’s Board of Directors, wrote in “The Rising Tide of Color Against White World-Supremacy” that “we must resolutely oppose both Asiatic permeation of white race-areas and Asiatic inundation of those non-white, but equally non-Asiatic regions inhabited by the really inferior races.”
Source: Jonah Goldberg, National Review

Not that we’re calling her a NAZI (we’re content just to call her an Authoritarian Marxist Zealot)… but since she’s trying to paint everyone ELSE as a NAZI, and now comparing herself to Libertarians (whose political motto could be best summed up as ‘Hey Government, leave me the Hell alone’), maybe she needs reminding about how authoritarian her urges really are.

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