WATCH: Sen. Elizabeth ‘Pocahontas’ Warren APOLOGIZES To Native Americans And SCRUBS DNA Test From Her Website

Written by K. Walker on August 19, 2019

Senator Warren’s campaign is trying to have it both ways…

Now that her campaign is on the upswing and she’s moved up to second place while still creeping up on front-runner Joe Biden, she’s got some ‘splaining to do…

Senator Elizabeth Warren(D-MA) has been self-identifying as Native American for years. She has denied doing so, but there is no question that she has indeed done this. In 1986, Warren wrote that she listed herself as Native American on an identification card for the Texas Bar Association. She was listed as Native American when she became a professor at Harvard Law School. She was even touted as the first “woman of color” to be given tenure there. There is no doubt that this “minority status” has assisted in propelling her forward in her career despite her claims to the contrary. She even published (plagiarized) recipes featuring crabmeat(!) in a Native American cookbook called “Pow Wow Chow”.

After years of taunting, Sen. Warren decided to take a DNA test to confirm that it wasn’t just family legend but actual Cherokee heritage that gave her those “high cheekbones.”

Sen. Warren released the results of a DNA test that “proved” that she did indeed have Native American DNA. She giddily shared the video on her official campaign website,

President Trump had even offered to donate $1 million to charity if she took the DNA test, and she demanded that he should pay up.

Then the backlash followed.

First, she was roundly mocked because almost every American has at least a sliver of Native American DNA. The test that Warren took revealed that she may have somewhere between 1/64 to 1/1024 Native American DNA which is significantly less than the average American. 

There were memes galore. 

Then, the Cherokee nation spoke out saying that Native American tribal status cannot be done using a DNA test alone.

Warren apologized to the Cherokee nation stating that she didn’t claim to be part of any Native American tribe.

She’s apologizing again in Sioux City, Iowa, this time to all Native Americans for what exactly it isn’t clear. She kept things rather vague.

“Like anyone who has been honest with themselves, I know I have made mistakes,” the Massachusetts senator said at a forum on Native American issues in this pivotal early-voting state. “I am sorry for the harm I have caused.”

Monday’s remarks were an effort to move past the fallout from her past claims of tribal ancestry, which culminated in a widely criticized release of a DNA analysis last year. The issue nearly derailed her campaign in the early days as President Donald Trump began derisively referring to her as “Pocahontas.”

Now that Warren is gaining in most polls, she’s trying to prove to voters that the controversy won’t doom her in a general election matchup against Trump. The detailed policy agenda to help Native Americans that she released last week helped her secure a warm reception from attendees at the tribal forum.

Source: Time


Stephen Miller, the eagle-eyed political commentator on Twitter noted, it seems that the DNA test that “proved” her Native American heritage has been scrubbed from her campaign website.


The page that had the video of her DNA test has been replaced with one that states that her “family heritage played no role in her hiring”.

Another page has a video of a Saturday Night Live skit of Warren on Weekend Update. 

She seems to want to have it both ways — use the DNA as the definitive “proof” that she wasn’t just fabricating her Native American ancestry, but then scrubbing it when it doesn’t play well with — well, anyone. 

But what was her apology for, anyway? She’s sorry for the “harm” but is she sorry for her decades of cultural appropriation to advance her career?

Is she apologizing for faking Native American heritage? She hasn’t been clear on that. Until the video was scrubbed from her website, the DNA test was used as vindication for her family history claims.

Is she sorry for keeping the lie going and using the DNA test as “proof” that she was Native American? No clue. Her apology is too vague.

Is she trying to make amends for benefiting from the lie that she has perpetuated for years and the cost on people of actual Native American descent? She hasn’t been clear on that, either.

It seems that there is no one in the Media(D) willing to ask her what exactly she is sorry for.

That’s because it appears that the Media(D) have picked their Democrat nominee — Senator Warren.

For years, some in the Media(D) have been rallying behind Warren and calling it a “racial slur” to call her “Pocahontas” (or even “Fauxcahontas”) even though it was Warren who appropriated Native American heritage for her own gain.

It fits the TRUMP IS RACIST narrative.


Calling Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas” is as much an ethnic slur as calling Chris Cuomo “Fredo.”

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