When MS-13 Murdered A California HS Student, Guess How Long The School Kept That Secret?

Written by Wes Walker on August 11, 2019

Don’t Leftists pretend that sanctuary cities and states are supposed to be ‘safer’?

Most sixteen-year-olds getting invited to the lake by a couple of girls are going to jump on the opportunity, right? He had no way of knowing he was being lured into a trap that would cost him his life.

The two girls were gang associates, and they were baiting the hook so that the gang members could kill him in cold blood. He was bludgeoned, dismembered, had his heart cut out, and his body hurled into a canyon.

Such was the sad fate of Brayan Andino. And school officials said nothing about MS-13 risks for TWO years.

This is the same gang, we remind you, that Nancy Pelosi and the media once scolded Trump for calling ‘animals’.

School administrators said nothing after Andino disappeared in October 2017. They said nothing when his body was found two months later. They said nothing about his funeral and didn’t even offer condolences.

The Los Angeles Times reported at the end of July that Panorama High School — where Andino was a student — declined to let parents, students, and teachers know about the dangers of the gang. The school reportedly claimed that MS-13 had little presence on the campus and had never committed violence on the campus, and therefore other students weren’t in danger.

The Times, however, reported another MS-13-related incident occurred “at the edge” of the campus just one month before Andino’s murder.

“At least two MS-13 members, including two former Panorama students, are suspected of stabbing and wounding a student as he was leaving school, officials acknowledged,” the outlet reported.

In addition to the previous incident, at least five of the 10 suspects arrested in Andino’s murder were Panorama High students, the Times reported.

The arrests weren’t even announced for 17 months.
Source: DailyWire

There is a deliberate choice being made here by somebody, and it’s worth finding out what and why.

At the root of the problem is this:

Some administrators — for either P/R reasons, political reasons, ‘woke’ reasons or corrupt ones — have made the decision that downplaying the risk to the students and concealing the threat of the gang members is more important than the parents having proper warning about a serious threat.

The ‘WHY’ this happened will make all the difference. And it’s a question that really needs answering.

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