WHOOPS! Bernie Flip-Flops On ‘Medicare-For-All’ After UNIONS Balk

Written by K. Walker on August 22, 2019

Can it still be called “Medicare-for-All” if some people want to opt-out of it?

Senator Bernie Sanders(I-VT) has made some pretty drastic changes to his platform and, indeed, his entire candidacy. 

It seems that some labor union representatives have been expressing their concern to the Bernie Sanders campaign that they would lose some of their benefits under his “Medicare-for-All” proposal.

And that, my friends, is the crux of the issue.

So, in order to court organized labor, an important voting bloc for Bernie, he decided to “tweak” his plan.

The adjusted plan would mandate that companies with existing union-negotiated health care plans submit to new negotiations under the National Labor Relations Board’s watch, with any savings on healthcare funneled into other benefits, such as higher pay. Labor officials had expressed concern that Sanders’ proposed system would hurt pre-negotiated benefits.

“Furthermore, the plan will ensure that union-sponsored clinics and other providers are integrated within the Medicare for All system, and kept available for members,” the plan posted on his web site detailsOpens a New Window.. “Unions will still be able to negotiate for and provide wrap-around services and other coverage not duplicative of the benefits established under Medicare for All.”

Source: Fox News

He’s counting on the union vote and has made it clear that he wants to double the number of people in trade unions.

At a recent event, a unionized employee asked Bernie outright if the proposed “Medicare-for-All” plan would take away the rights of union members to negotiate medical benefits under their collective bargaining agreements. Bernie said, “Yeah, absolutely it would.” Sanders then says that the benefits that were used for healthcare could then be used for wages or other benefits.


It’s going to be hard to sell “Medicare-For-All” when you’re making exceptions for unionized workers.

Bernie is getting mocked on Twitter for the sudden change.

A couple of 2020 Democrat challengers are calling Bernie out for the change.

Two of the more moderate Democrats that had problems with Bernie’s “Medicare-for-All” plan, Rep. Tim Ryan(D-OH) and Rep. John Delaney(D-MD), shared the story from The Washington Post and were mildly gloating.

After the heated interaction over “Medicare-for-All” that the pair had at the last debate, Rep. Tim Ryan’s tweet was *chef’s kiss* perfect.

Political pundit and Leading Conservative Twitterer, Stephen Miller, puts it all into perspective.

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