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After Odessa Shooting, Chick Fil A Reminds Us All How Awesome They Really Are

Some people TALK about the importance of being a responsible corporate citizen. These guys walk the walk.

(And STILL, they are demonized for exactly the religious principles that drive these awesome acts of kindness.)

Chick Fil A has been persona non grata since a certain rainbow-themed interest group has decided to unswervingly oppose them as ‘the enemy’ just because their owners were on record as having traditional religious attitudes toward marriage — seven years ago. And really, that should NOT have come as a surprise to anyone for a company that chooses to remain closed on Sundays for religious reasons.

But they’ve been tagged as ‘evil’, and they get routine harassed, even though we have never heard tell of a single instance of anyone affiliated with that umbrella group being — in any way — mistreated.

How did they react when news broke about the murderous motorist in Odessa?

Good neighbor that they are, Chick Fil A sprang into action.

At first, they decided to close early and allow everyone to return home to their families at this frightening time.

But then an idea occurred to them…

Absolutely blown away by this amazing team of people. After heartbreaking events in our community today we planned to close early and send our team home to be with their families.

As they were walking out of the restaurant an opportunity to feed local law enforcement presented its self and they were given the option to help…not one person said no.

Partnering with Chick-fil-A Odessa Town Center they cooked 500 sandwiches and packaged them with the most joyful hearts and a lot of love. Sometimes light in a dark world looks as simple as a hot chicken sandwich.

We just couldn’t be prouder of these helpers and their hearts of gold. ❤️ Grateful is not an adequate word to express how we feel about all of our brave First Responders, they are true heroes.

We are praying for our community in the days ahead and for all of those impacted by this tragedy.

Here’s a video of their labor of love:

These guys at Chick Fil A keep stepping up again and again and again… all over the country.

It says a lot about their corporate culture… and corporate culture flows down from the top.

Buttigieg still hasn’t figured out that THIS is the Christian model he keeps trying to squeeze the government into. He and the left have it exactly backward.

It was never about the Government doing the things we see in Matthew 25. It was about private individuals stepping up and showing love for our neighbors.

The folks at Chick Fil A have responded to the irrational hate:

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With repeated displays of love and service:

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Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck

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