Are Anti-Pipeline Eco-Nazis Putting New York Lives At Risk?

Written by Wes Walker on September 9, 2019

They’re the proud militant wing of AOC’s pet project. But are lives at risk this winter because of them?

The strength AND weakness of our current society is how specialized we’ve become. We are cut off from the sources of the things we need to live our daily lives. We don’t need to spend the day running a tractor or collecting eggs because farmers sell us their produce. We don’t need to know much about sewing or building because we buy ready-made clothing, flat-pack furniture, and call the super or a repairman when something stops working — better still, we chuck it and buy a new one from the mall.

And when it gets cold, we just turn on our furnace and just like that — nice and toasty.

Unless there’s no fuel in the furnace. And that’s the problem that could face 20,000 New York homes and businesses this winter.


Because militant protesters have declared war on pipelines… to hell with who it could hurt.

New York state has, through the machinations of various environmental activist groups, been successful in blocking construction of any new natural gas pipelines in the state. Yet demand continues to grow, because renewables have no hope of meeting fuel needs, particularly in winter.

As a result, 20,000 new would-be customers have been denied natural gas service because the NY gas grid cannot handle any more customers. Newly-built restaurants cannot open; newly-constructed houses cannot be occupied because they cannot be heated. The natural gas utility cannot afford to add more connections with gas supply constricted; too many users would tax the system to a breaking point should demand spike in cold weather conditions.

In what should be astonishing news but is sadly commonplace, climate activists blame the natural gas provider, stating that they are concocting this situation out of greed. And this stunning foolishness brings us back to the original point: that some members of society can, through sheer ignorance, place their own lives in jeopardy because they have no clue whatsoever as to how a natural gas system operates. Like a toddler crying for milk, they have zero knowledge of or concern for the source; it is always “just there.”

Until one day when it is not, and history has provided a close-by and recent stern reminder. On January 22, 2019, the governor of Rhode Island declared a state of emergency when 7,100 customers lost natural gas service due to very strong demand in cold temperatures that dangerously depressurized the system, causing some deliveries to be curtailed. It was a near catastrophe. “”If you have heat, please, call your loved ones, your church members, anyone in the area, offer for them to stay over at your house. Make sure they have a warm place to stay tonight,” said the governor.
Source: PublicEnergyNumberOne

This could give a little foretaste of the world that AOC and her Green New Deal would promise us.

But in HER version, it gets a lot worse than that. Among other issues, entire cities would face starvation, for lack of a means to produce and deliver the food.

The Green Peace co-founder that blasted her on it went into greater detail. Here:

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And Here:

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We had a Seven-Hour Marathon showing just how badly the Democrat 2020 wannabes want to jack up our Republic at the altar of Mama Gaia.

Will it take a long, cold winter in New York for the coastal elites to figure out just how flawed their plan really is?


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