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Biden’s Heathcare Plan Could Cause Rural Hospitals To Close According To Study

We can hardly wait for Biden to assure us… “if you like your rural hospital you can keep your rural hospital.”

And it will be just as true as the empty promises his ‘boss’ gave us.

One big problem with Democrats and their grandiose policies is their ignorance of how unintended consequences come into play.

“They’re in trouble,” Kirk Norris, the president and CEO of the Iowa Hosptial Association, said. “Our community hospitals are in the worst financial shape they’ve been in over 30 years.”
Source: Breitbart

One decision creates a chain of secondary and tertiary effects, and Democrats regularly fail to anticipate how negative incentives buried in their policies create results that are easily predicted by disinterested outsiders.

It happened with the $15/hr minimum wage plan.

It happened with the ‘you can keep your doctor’ claim in Obama care.

And it’s happening again with the ridiculous 2020 Democratic promises.

Feasibility studies could easily rip apart most of their pie-in-the-sky plans. Here’s a look at one that came back evaluating the crippling damage it would have on the State of Iowa.

The [Cedar Rapids Gazette] wrote that 52 rural Iowa hospitals could close under Biden’s public option plan and “rural hospitals could experience a loss of more than $476 million dollars under a public health insurance proposal.”

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s healthcare plan would create a “public option,” allowing a government health insurance option to compete with private health insurance on the Obamacare exchanges.

…The Navigant Consulting study found that after having millions of Americans switch from their private insurance plan to the public option plan, the public option would pay hospitals at Medicare rates, which is typically lower than private insurance, and would cut rural hospitals’ revenues between $4.2 billion and $25.6 billion.

…To make matters worse for public option supporters, the study suggested that to prevent hospitals from closing under the public option system, Medicare would have to increase payments to hospitals between 40 to 60 percent above Medicare rates, which could cost between $4 and 25 billion annually depending on how many employers move employees onto the public option.
Source: Breitbart

To suggest that Iowa is uniquely the ONE state whose hospital system would take a beating like this seems… improbable.

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