BITTER, TABLE FOR ONE: Hillary Talks About Impeachment And Trump (VIDEO)

Written by K. Walker on September 27, 2019

She’s ba-ack! And more awful than ever.

Hillary is now in the “This Occupant of the White House” frame of mind.

At a speech in front of the pro-abortion group, NARAL, Hillary reminds us that she has been connected in some way to the impeachment proceedings of two former presidents and is weighing in on the possibility of the impeachment of her 2016 opponent.

That’s probably not the connection she intended to make, but there it is.

Hillary weighed in on Speaker Nancy Pelosi caving to pressure from her side of the aisle to open up a formal impeachment inquiry into President Trump.

“This is not a political statement, but a harsh reality,” says Hillary, “which is why the Speaker has acted.”

She then speaks of one of those “ironic twists of history” and her work on Nixon’s impeachment inquiry. She explains how she had to transcribe tapes of Nixon’s phone calls then jumps to “we have known who Donald Trump is for some time.” 

Without a scintilla of irony, Hillary then says that President Trump “encouraged foreign interference in our election.” She was presumably referring to the joke he made on the campaign trail requesting that Russia release of Hillary’s deleted emails if they had them.

The thing is, it was the Hillary campaign and Democrats that were working with Ukraine to get dirt on Trump in 2016 and they didn’t stop. This continued right up until earlier this month when Sen. Chris Murphy(D-CT) essentially threated President Zelensky of Ukraine that if the country decided to investigate Joe Biden’s family, Democrats would withdraw support.

John Solomon writes at The Hill:

Nellie Ohr, the wife of senior U.S. Justice Department official Bruce Ohr, worked in 2016 as a contractor for Fusion GPS, the same Hillary Clinton–funded opposition research firm that hired Christopher Steele, the British spy who wrote the now-debunked dossier linking Trump to Russia collusion.

Nellie Ohr testified to Congress that some of the dirt she found on Trump during her 2016 election opposition research came from a Ukrainian parliament member. She also said that she eventually took the information to the FBI through her husband — another way Ukraine got inserted into the 2016 election.

Politics. Pressure. Opposition research. All were part of the Democrats’ playbook on Ukraine long before Trump ever called Zelensky this summer. And as Sen. Murphy’s foray earlier this month shows, it hasn’t stopped.

The evidence is so expansive as to strain the credulity of the Democrats’ current outrage at Trump’s behavior with Ukraine.

Which raises a question: Could it be the Ukraine tale currently being weaved by Democrats and their allies in the media is nothing more than a smoke screen designed to distract us from the forthcoming Justice Department inspector general report into abuses during the Democratic-inspired Russia collusion probe?

Source: The Hill

That certainly seems credible.

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