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LMAO: This Spicy Meme Will Make Shifty Schiff’s Eyes Bug Out Even MORE

If there’s one thing an insufferable windbag can’t tolerate, it’s being the brunt of a joke. Wouldn’t it be a shame if EVERYONE started mocking Shifty with this meme?

Right now, we have two clowns vying for the attention of the nation.

Perhaps the most famous of all clowns is Batman’s nemesis. At the Box Office, the origin story of the Joker will soon have its much-anticipated opening night.

Meanwhile, in DC, a camera-hungry Democrat is doing his best to challenge the Joker’s dominance.

Taking a page from the Joker, he gave us some funhouse mirror blend of the solemn and the and the absurd.

He took a gavel in his hand, opened a hearing something he wants us all to believe is the most serious of breaches of trust one can find in someone entrusted to high office — and he turned it into some bizarro-world stand-up routine.

When called out for being a dishonest hack, he ‘explained’ he was just kidding.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif., came under fire on Thursday for reading his own “parody” version of President Trump’s phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky without noting he’d made it all up.

…“My summary of the president’s call was meant to be at least, part, in parody. The fact that that’s not clear is a separate problem in and of itself. Of course, the president never said, ‘If you don’t understand me I’m going to say it seven more times,’ my point is, that’s the message that the Ukraine president was receiving in not so many words,” Schiff said.

“In opening statement, Rep. Schiff makes up dialogue to represent what Trump said to Zelensky. A rough transcript of the president’s words exists, and is available, but Schiff’s version is more dramatic,” Fox News contributor Byron York tweeted.

Conservative commentator Matt Walsh wrote that Schiff “knows that a lot of people watching will think that’s actually what the transcript said” when it was pure fiction.

“In fact, the WHOLE POINT is that the transcript DOESN’T say what Schiff just said it said,” Walsh said.
Source: FoxNews

You have to wonder what’s REALLY driving all this excitement over nothing? Could they be trying to distract us from something?

Could it possibly have anything to do with that Horowitz report that’s on the verge of going public?


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