BOOM: Shapiro NAILS The Press With The 3 Criteria They NEED To ‘Care’ About Mass Shootings

Written by Wes Walker on September 4, 2019

This is devastatingly spot on. Dare your liberal aunt to find the logic flaw in this one.

What he’s saying isn’t even so different from what many of has have been saying all along. But these three criteria tied the whole idea up in a neat little bow.

If it were just a question of telling the truth, and telling the public the ‘Five Ws’, it would be a very different story. But as anyone with a pulse can notice, some shootings are quickly forgotten, while others — even if they have fewer casualties — become the face of the cause.

And the system for determining WHICH category any particular shooting event falls into will depend, as Ben points out, on three criteria.

If it meets those criteria, we’ll hear about it forever. If not… *poof* it’s gone.

For example: El Paso, where a white supremacist goes aisle to aisle shooting Hispanics in a Walmart, or Charleston NC where a black church was shot up, Sandy Hook, or Parkland Florida, where children got shot — those are in the news forever.

But the shooting in the Pulse Night Club? Or Dayton Ohio? Or the latest one in Odessa Texas? They’re quickly eclipsed in the news by other things.

But why? What makes the difference?

1) The media are looking for a Long Gun — preferably an AR-15.

2) Someone they can paint as a racist white guy, or otherwise associate with the political right.

3) Some sort of a mass shooting scenario in which the motive is not only clear and convincing but where the attacker was not on anyone’s radar ahead of the event.

Isn’t that exactly what the Presstitutes of the Media(D) do?

They troll the news cycles looking for an event that can tell the meta-story they are trying to tell — just like NYTimes editorial staff did when their plans to tell ‘Trump-is-racist’ stories for the next two years because the ‘Trump-is-a-Russian-puppet’ ones they had invested themselves in turned out to be every bit as full of crap as the rest of the NYTimes.

Notice no inner-city shootings from Baltimore or Chicago even make the cut for being a ‘national story’? Not even events like this one:

Two women who worked as peacekeepers on Chicago’s South Side were shot and killed in the neighborhood they worked to protect.

Chantell Grant, 26, and Andrea Stoudemire, 36, were both mothers of four children who worked with other moms to stem violence in the Englewood neighborhood.

Both women were hit by gunfire at the corner of W. 75th Street and S. Stewart Ave. that is often occupied by members of the group Mothers Against Senseless Killings.
Source: ABC13

That sounds like it would be a newsworthy event, doesn’t it? Did it garner national attention?

And what about Baltimore? Unless it was a police-involved shooting, do we ever hear about it? Nope. It doesn’t fit in the neat little grid.

And that’s why we’ve lost confidence in the press. They’re not telling us what happened, they’re deliberately shaping public opinion to fit a political belief.