ISIS Falls On Hard Times, Now Reduced To Using Livestock To…

Written by Wes Walker on September 4, 2019

Dare we ask what the animal is supposed to gain from the arrangement?

Aww.. poor ISIS has become Was-Was. Times are tough for the recruiters now that their ‘holy cause’ has been summarily spanked by ‘the Great Satan’.

How embarrassing for them.

So, what’s a jihadi to do, when he can’t convince some dope to strap on the bomb with the promise of a ‘great reward’ in the hereafter?

Desperate times call for desperate measures, it would seem.

Having run short of ‘dopes’ for their ‘splodey-dopes’ tactic, they’ve had to make do with the best they’ve got.

No… that doesn’t mean the leaders will wear the vests themselves — don’t be stupid. That ‘honor’ is reserved for gullible rookies, true zealots, or washouts with nothing left to lose.

Somehow, that ‘honor’ doesn’t fall to anyone in positions of leadership. So, what’s their Plan B?

Islamic State insurgents are reportedly weaponizing cows in an attempt to target Iraqi forces.

Two cows, strapped with explosive belts, detonated in a village in eastern Iraq on Sunday, injuring one civilian. Militants set the cattle in the direction of a military checkpoint in Diyala province, but Iraqi soldiers opened fire and “blew them up” before they could reach their target, according to a Kurdish news organization.

Sadiq Husseini, a local official, said that the incident involving the bomb-laden bovines “shows that [ISIS] has lost the ability to recruit young people and would-be suicide bombers, instead they are using cattle.”

…This isn’t the first time militant groups have used animals to fight. Fourteen people have been killed in six recorded incidents of “donkey-borne IEDs” since 2010.

Donkeys, eh?

Pretty sure there’s a joke or two in there somewhere.

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