BOOM: Tom Homan Goes Rogue On Dishonest Democrats In Congressional Hearings

Written by Wes Walker on September 27, 2019

He’s mad as HELL and has no intention of quietly submitting to their ritual beatings.

Tom Homan was called in front of Congress — yet AGAIN — and was expected to sit quietly while hostile Democrats raked him over the coals for his role in, what else, ICE.

(We remind you that HE was under oath for these ritual beatings, but his inquisitors were NOT).

After some of the very personal attacks his integrity took on previous outings, (you may remember his reaction to the cheap shots he endured at the hands of AOC) he’s all done being ‘civil’ about these hearings.

Now he’s being painfully blunt.

They want to behave disreputably, they will be treated disreputably.

And he took care to remind them just who it is that works for whom.

There’s a critical difference between REPRESENTING the people and ruling over them.

And, increasingly, Democrats look like they have forgotten the difference.

Let’s remind them, shall we?


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