BORN THAT WAY: Vice Is The Latest Media(D) Outlet Trying To DESTIGMATIZE Pedophilia

Written by Wes Walker on September 18, 2019

In today’s permissive world, it can be easy to forget that there’s an upside to social stigma. Shouldn’t we think twice before ‘destigmatizing’ this one?

Social pressure has a valuable role in society.

It creates taboos and helps curb behaviors we don’t accept as a society, like drunk driving or groping your staff or domestic violence.

If society sends out a strong, unified message that only the worst sort of losers do (behavior x) there is strong social pressure NOT to do x.

Even something as simple as smoking traditional cigarettes, how do we see them portrayed on TV or in film anymore? Hardly ever, right? It’s almost jarring when we do see it.

But this trend cuts both ways, doesn’t it? Things that WERE taboo can also be broken down, normalized and eventually embraced by society.

If you don’t agree, consider the dramatic switch in the last 30 years between the social acceptability of cigarettes and marijuana then and now. Music, television, movies, political movements social media involvement have all pushed the ‘Overton Window‘ to normalize pot while deliberately ‘otherizing’ and excluding traditional smokers.

(Isn’t that ultimately why vaping was invented? It offered consumers a way to get the same ‘fix’ without the stigmas attached to regular smoking?)

So stigmas can be a valuable thing in society… they can curb a behavior that society has together agreed is outside the scope of what is acceptable.

One of the big objections to the redefinition of marriage issue was the concern of a ‘slippery slope’. This was openly mocked and ridiculed at the time.

No, this will not open a ‘Pandora’s box’ where all the traditional rules of sexual conduct are open for debate and redefinition. Or at least, that’s what we were told.

But here we are about a decade later where people are wearing buttons to indicate their preferred pronouns as scientific consensus that people are ‘born that way’ was discarded in favor of ‘gender fluidity’ and ‘spectrums’ where now BBC films has indicated there are 100 genders (or more) that one can identify as.

Which brings us to pedophilia.

That’s a taboo that none would dare to break down in today’s ‘enlightened’ society… right?

Wrong. The process has already begun.

We’re already starting down the track to recreating the society we have seen in cultures like Ancient Greece, where men took ‘youths’ as lovers.

It’s hardly a NEW aspect of society, it has occurred through history around the world. But it was always secretive and subversive. Something nobody really wanted to get caught doing.

But what happens if those social pressures evaporate?

We’ve already seen Hollywood’s defense of Roman Polanski. ‘It’s not rape-rape’ — even though he plied a 13-year-old girl with alcohol and drugs before sexually assaulting her.

Powerful people get to play by different rules.

We’ve seen Epstein. We still have enough decency left as a society that what he was accused of doing absolutely repulses us.

We’ve seen Senator Menendez and the most horrific of the charges against him were the ones that he had slept with underage girls.

Why? Because whether the victims are male or female, they are too young to be sexualized, and they at an age where they are not sufficiently independent in their thinking that they can give informed consent.

This taboo exists to protect our youths from predators — in particular, those who have the sort of wealth, prestige or positions of power that can make saying ‘no’ more difficult.

Coaches, teachers, clergy, politicians, celebrities, billionaires, Hollywood Moguls, and so on.

What happens when we see sites like Salon or (more recently) Vice softening the public perception of pedophelia? Of humanizing the offenders as people who struggle with an affliction? What about Ted Talks that do the same thing?

It might even come from a well-meaning intention — one of ‘harm reduction’ in helping the pedophile NOT act out on any of his urges.

Another objective of Project Dunkelfeld is to destigmatize pedophilia. Dr. Klaus Beier, who created the program, argues pedophilia is a sexual orientation and not a crime if the person has not acted on it.

“Nobody chooses this,” he said. “And as long as he not would act out, it would be very, very inhuman to judge such a person. And I would always vote to integrate him in society.”

Max is a non-offending pedophile from Germany who went through a year of therapy at Dunkelfeld and learned strategies to cope with his attraction to children.

“It’s helped me a lot to gain more control about those feelings and to learn more about myself,” Max said. “I learned some strategies to make myself realize what I’m feeling is very different from what the girl is feeling when she’s playing with me or kids sometimes even say things like, ‘I love you,’ and to realize, ‘ok that’s not the same as I would feel.’”

The U.S doesn’t have a program like Dunkelfeld, so David has found a community online of non-offending pedophiles he can talk to. But he would like to live in a world where pedophilia is destigmatized to the extent that he can get help without risk.
Source: Vice

What do you think, dear reader? Is this approach a harmless way of helping pedophiles to NOT act on urges that might make them a threat to the general public? Or are these the early stages of yet another socially unacceptable sexual behavior becoming mainstreamed and normalized into polite society?


This is the behavior we WANT social stigmas to reject: