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Motorist Crashes Car Into Lobby Of Trump Plaza… And Then It Gets Weird

What could the odds possibly be that this was merely an accident?

Reports indicate the motorist had some manner of a physical health crisis while behind the wheel of his car.

And we have learned that the lobby of Trump Tower was directly opposite a red light at an intersection.

The combination of these two facts explains the otherwise unlikely event of someone accidentally driving into the lobby.

This update does nothing to mitigte the seething hatred and celebration on the part of leftists having seen a car drive into Trump Tower.
*end update*

Trump has become a bogeyman, and his political rivals don’t just hate his policies, they have a burning hatred for the man himself and anything — ANYTHING — associated with it.

How else could you explain why we have seen employees at their own workplaces deiven into fits of rage that leads to their attacking paying customers over a red hat — at the expense of their own employment? Or when a restaurant employee spit on Eric Trump for the great crime of being one of his sons? Or when Anthrax scares are sent to the private homes of Trump’s family members, potentially endangering children?

It strains credulity that someone could have accidentally driven his Mercedes right into the lobby (not merely into the wall) of such a politically-charged target.

COULD a car have crashed into the Trump building through simple driver error? Sure, maybe. Stranger things have happened. But to go right through the doors and into the lobby? That seems sketchy. And then the driver just took a seat on a couch in the lobby?

That’s what’s been reported.

The black Mercedes left a trail of destruction and broken glass in the front of the building on Huguenot Street before coming to a stop inside Trump Plaza’s main entrance.

Luckily, all of the injuries are said to be minor at this time.

“I seen a driver sitting over there in the doorman and the concierge. The concierge’s got her. He was sitting in the chair, he was bleeding. He just really shook up,” maintenance worker Kevin Jenkins said.
Source: CBS

Authorities, it is said, are officially working with the theory of ‘accident’ at this point.

Eh, maybe, but until there is evidence to support that theory, here in the ClashDaily offices, our BS detectors are pinging.

Suppose this really was as deliberate as the (admittedly circumstantial) evidence would lead us to believe. What could possibly have been ‘gained’ by slamming a car into the lobby of Trump Plaza?

Could the driver possibly believe that only Republicans could work there? That only Republicans would patronize the place?

If you look at social media, there is a ghoulish glee about this event. One where two people have been hurt.

Why do people on social media laugh like bodily harm is perfectly ok, so long as the ultimate target has an (R) after his name?

Aren’t these the same people who supposedly accuse Trump of ‘dividing the nation’?

Of course they are. But they’re the ‘good guys’, you see. Or at least they are in their own minds.

They have convinced themselves that Trump is SUCH a villain that any meaningless, vindictive and recklessly dangerous expression of ‘resistance’ is somehow automatically ‘honorable’ or ‘heroic’.

If this WAS as intentional as such an improbable accident would make it seem, what ‘heroism’ is there in driving a Mercedez over a doorman?

That’s a pretty perfect metaphor of the privileged hurting the weak, isn’t it? Of the ‘oppressors’ (according to leftist definitions) hurting the ‘oppressed’?

And isn’t that really the end result of so many of the Left’s ideas anyway? Political insiders get power and privilege while ordinary citizens in the cities Democrats control get hit with the blunt end of the pool cue those policies eventually hit them with?

Maybe the REAL moral of this story is that the ‘resistance’ isn’t really as heroic or virtuous as they think.


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