Does This Attack Mean We’ll Be Calling For Common Sense Fork Control?

Written by Wes Walker on September 2, 2019

Either getting rid of guns will solve the problem… or it will not. Stories like this make a strong case for the latter.

Gun-grabbers would blame the weapon and call for its abolition.

Second Amendment advocates would blame the aggressor, and call for remedies focussed on the violent individual.

In this case, the offending weapons were a knife and fork. No, not your regular knife and fork, some kind of a large knife and … a BBQ fork? Yes, a BBQ fork.

A man alleged to be an Afghan asylum seeker knifed almost a dozen people at random while armed with a blade and a barbecue fork in the Lyon suburb of Villeurbanne, it is claimed.

The suspect is a 33-year-old Afghan asylum seeker who was not known to the police or intelligence services, BFM TV reported.

The knifeman claimed to be from Afghanistan as he was confronted by witnesses, including four bus drivers, after the attack, Le Progres reported.

A witness told the newspaper that the knifeman said “They do not read the Koran” during his rampage — Source: Mirror

He was chased and cornered by civilians, including 4 bus drivers.


What now? Do we call for ‘common sense fork control’? Or do we acknowledge that there will always be a criminal element bent on hurting others, and we’re smart to find out what drives that criminality and address it head-on?

If it has something to do with Islamic extremism or some other violent ideology — then that contributing factor needs to be examined with an eye to minimizing risk… including identifying patterns that would point to, for example, radicalizing mosques.