Hey Gun-Grabbers: Here’s Why Your ‘Most Mass Shootings’ Stat Is Bogus

Written by Wes Walker on September 17, 2019

That often-cited study all comes down to exactly ONE study by ONE man … and it has some significant flaws you should know about.

The study in question was by University of Alabama’s Adam Lankford, and you’ve almost certainly heard about it, either directly or indirectly.

Adam Lankford studied 171 countries over the course of more than 40 years — 1966 to 2012 — and the answer was (in his words) ‘not surprisingly, the answer was the United Staes by far has the most public mass shooters’.

The press, not surprisingly, ate this up.

What numbers did he come back with?

He claimed that — in that period — USA had 90 incidents that met his criteria, whereas the rest of the world, COMBINED, had a mere 202 incidents.

Sounds like a pretty sobering statistic, right? Sure it does … until you scrutinize his methods…

He said he had complete data from 171 countries, right?

That’s a lot of countries. Do you see the flaw in his methods yet?

How many such shootings would only have been recorded (if they were recorded at all) only in local newspapers in the local language?

But in America, you can’t even show a disaster movie without newspapers flying through the empty streets. EVERYTHING is reported, especially in a culture where newsrooms had embraced the slogan ‘if it bleeds, it leads’.

Further undercutting the credibility of his claims, Langford has refused to share his data. He isn’t even sharing how many shootings he came up with in each country, or even the explanation for how he found all the cases he counted in each country.

He ‘didn’t just do English-language searches’ (or so he claims) but he does NOT reveal which languages he did these searches in.

The wheels are falling off. And the video isn’t even done yet!

Watch the video to the end, and have your truth-bombs ready for the next time some gun-grabber trots out that ridiculous claim.