MUST WATCH: Political Speech Interrupted By Spontaneous ‘Standing O’ For Jesus Christ

Written by Wes Walker on September 23, 2019

Notice how the other team would sooner mock Him than praise Him.

In fact, that’s how this spontaneous Praise got started.

Candace Owens was doing a pretty ordinary political speech, and she took a moment to point out that there is a tendency on the Left to ridicule and mock Christian believers.

She continued by making the point that you need not be ‘religious’ to have the good sense not to ridicule people for holding to religious belief.

“You see this more and more. We live in this culture where the Left wants to mock God. It’s very bizarre. Even if you’re not a religious person, you don’t have to be a religious person, but your instinct shouldn’t be to mock people that follow Jesus Christ. Isn’t this a little weird, right? [Smattering of applause]

She continued, “He died for all of our sins, all of our sins…

Crowd cheering intensifies…

“Yes, we SHOULD stand up for Jesus Christ. Look at this. The greatest country and the greatest people, a standing ovation for Jesus Christ.

(Cheering continued)

She went on to describe the Left, how they routinely mock Christians not just for our beliefs, but for faithfulness ot a spouse, and support of a stable traditional family.

Those have ‘only’ formed the bedrock of what has made us the country we are in the first place. What could *Possibly* go wrong if we mess around with them?

Oh, right. We can just take a look at some of the Democrat strongholds and see for ourselves.

Chicago, Baltimore, Los Angeles… how’s everything been going over there? Idyllic little utopias, are they?

They must be, since Democrat voters have been so bloody loyal to the parties running those places.

Meanwhile, Republican groups swing by with volunteers to pick up the trash.

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