OUTRAGE: Dying Veteran In VA Facility Found Covered In Ants… Twice

Written by Wes Walker on September 20, 2019

And the ‘Medicare for all’ Democrats insist are planning on taking these failures national!

The VA is in a tough position. We are morally obligated as a nation to provide care for those courageous men and women who literally gave their all for a grateful nation.

But government agencies are, by their very nature, entirely ill-equipped for the difficult task of allocating resources and balancing services to their clientele to live within their means.

The events that follow happened during one Vietnam Vet’s final days, not long before his passing on September 7th.

An Air Force veteran who served in Vietnam and was living his final days at a US Department of Veterans Affairs assisted-living facility was twice found covered in ants and photos show scores of bites on his body, his daughter said Thursday.

Laquana Ross said her father, Joel Marrable, died Saturday at the Eagles’ Nest Community Living Center in the Atlanta VA Medical Center.
Ross said she is not upset with the VA over the ants, but wants her father’s story to prompt change.
“Maybe this can move the needle and improve the process,” she said. “The VA is busy. They have a lot of patients and huge needs they have to address.”
Source: CNN

The first time his family members discovered the ants, he was bathed, and the sheets were changed… but the ants were back the next day.

She said they told her, “We thought Mr. Marrable was dead. We didn’t know what had happened. Everyone jumped in and grabbed him and made sure we did whatever we could to get the ants off of him.”
Marrable, 73, had a feeding tube, was weak from cancer and his ability to talk was limited. He was still alive.

…The next day he was covered in ants again — on his stomach, feeding tube, diaper, everywhere.
Ross said she reached out to the administrator on duty and they said her father would be moved and they would check on every 15 minutes.
Source: CNN

Their director is now on leave, as he probably should be.

But this is part of a bigger issue.

Government agencies are NOT very good at balancing resources and need. They are, by nature, unresponsive — especially when compared against free-market alternatives that build their pricing models to consider EVERY aspect of their operation — including building upkeep — and aren’t just working from some official government expense table.

And yet, for some reason, the Democrats want to remove free-market options from the equation.

If they ever do that, don’t just ask if you’ll be able to ‘keep your doctor’… ask yourself if you’ll be able to keep your hospital.

Because when resources get tight — as they invariably will, if the Government gets involved — something will suffer. It might be longer waiting times. It might be staffing levels. It might be building maintenance.


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