RESIST THE RESISTANCE: GOP Hilariously ‘Flips The Script’ During Lewandowski Hearings

Written by Wes Walker on September 18, 2019

Under ‘normal circumstances’, Congressional hearings are no laughing matter. Then again, under ‘normal circumstances’, they are not a ridiculous circus, either.

Depending on your politics, the hearings were either freakingly hilarious or depressingly sad.

The Democrats were visibly angry, obviously flustered, and looked entirely petty and partisan in their zeal to score a hit — ANY kind of a hit — against Lewandowski. Because a hit against Lewandowski would be a proxy hit against the President.

The Democrats were nakedly desperate to get some kind of a sound bite out of Lewandowski with a great many leading and insulting questions. They instructed him to read his own words, but — like Muller — he wouldn’t take the bait. He let Democrats do all the quoting.

After Nadler’s hostile and self-serving pronouncement of the President’s supposed guilt to open the hearings we heard the ranking Republican give a great reply.

Lewendowski had us laughing out loud as he ran rings around the Democrats without breaking a sweat. He has pleasant interaction with the Republicans, but he didn’t give the obviously-hostile Democrats even an inch.

Here are his opening remarks setting the tone.

He let Sheila Jackson Lee run out her time with a rant, and he had no question to answer. He insisted that citations of the exact page and location of the Mueller Report be given before he answered questions about specific references. He read the White House instructions concerning privilege more than once, and he obviously had a better grasp about exactly WHO was executing Privilege that the supposed House Judicial Committee.

The Ranking Republican called out Nadler for violating House Rules concerning procedure, and he ground the proceedings to a standstill asking for votes, and then roll call on top of that.

You know, just like all the same persnickety tactics the Democrats have been using to throw sticks in the spokes for the last couple of years.

We were ALL the blonde woman behind Lewandowski when he mocked failed Democratic hopeful, Rep. Eric Swalwell(D-CA).

Actually, Corey Lewandowski seemed to have quite a lot of fun taunting Eric Swalwell:

Frankly, it looked like he just had fun period.

We’re not normally such political diehards that we would recommend anyone watching CSPAN for fun, but the hearings really are funny enough that skimming through it is worthwhile. The whole thing is posted below, for anyone who would like to skim through it.

Pay particular attention to the difference in how different the interactions are by party affiliation.


They are so butthurt they are now considering hitting him with ‘Contempt of Congress’.

Frankly, if anyone is bringing Congress upon contempt it’s the feckless yahoos running the show over there.

And now that we’ve seen how much it grinds your gears to see your own tactics thrown in your face, you may be seeing more of it.

Nancy Pelosi, you are responsible for this gong show. This is a reflection on HER lack of control of the dimwitted unruly goons in her party.