Sheriff BLASTS Sanctuary County Leader After SEVEN Illegals Arrested For Sex Crimes In Five Weeks

Written by Wes Walker on September 3, 2019

Sanctuary policies are putting nearby communities in danger… not as an abstract idea, but demonstrably with particular crimes and offenders, they can point to for evidence. Even things as serious as sex crimes.

Sheriff Chuck Jenkins of Frederick County, Maryland, appeared on “Fox and Friends,” responding to the number of illegal aliens accused of rape and sexual abuse in the neighboring Montgomery County.

Since July 25, at least seven illegal immigrants in Montgomery County have been arrested and charged with sexual crimes, bringing national attention to the county’s official policy that restricts cooperation with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).
Source: DailyCaller

The Sheriff said:

What they’ve done now is galvanize the fact that you can come into Montgomery county, commit crimes as an illegal alien, and you won’t feel the consequences. You’ll be prosecuted for the State crime, but then once you’re adjudicated, once you’re — you would be released back onto the streets to potentially commit more crimes against the citizens.

What he’s done, effectively, is jeapordize public safety throughout the central part of Maryland.

His ire was directed toward Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich who has made it clear he will NOT be cooperating with ICE officials.