SICKO: 2000+ Preserved Fetuses Found In Home Of Deceased, Discredited Abortionist

Written by Wes Walker on September 14, 2019

Was he Illinois’ answer to Kermit Gosnell? If so, how many others like him ARE there?

In 2016, Dr. Ulrich Klopfer lost the right to practice medicine over failures to provide proper patient care. it seems that may have been only the TIP of the iceberg.

The abortionist has a very large and macabre collection in his home…. 2,246 preserved human fetal remains. Imagine being the grieving family member who came to sort out their next-of-kin’s final arrangements only to discover twenty-two-hundred-forty-six aborted babies silently staring back at you.

Creepy beyond belief.

He had been performing abortions since 1973, the same year that the Roe v Wade ruling was handed down. That might make him a ‘pioneer’ of sorts, the first wave of (lawful) practitioners of the abortion industry.

But just how ‘lawful’ was he?

The doctor was found guilty of five of the nine charges against him during the hearing.

Among those charges was not reporting abortions performed on two girls under the age of 14 within the state’s required three-day timeline.

…Despite it not being part of the complaints that were brought against him, Klopfer also spoke about performing an abortion on a 10-year-old girl at an Illinois hospital after she had been raped by her uncle. Instead of notifying police about the child abuse, however, he allowed her to return home with her parents, who knew about the rape and had refused to prosecute the uncle.

Klopfer was found to have not given pain medications to all women who he performed abortions on, only women under the age of 16 and women who could afford to pay extra for it. And, when women were sedated, there wasn’t anyone on his staff that was qualified to monitor the women, in addition to not following best practices for the administration of drugs and emergency procedures.
Source: DailyMail

How many OTHER abortion ‘physicians’ are cutting dangerous legal and/or ethical corners putting pure profit ahead of patient care?

Like any other medical clinic, there is a level of patient trust that they will be properly cared for, by current medical standards, with procedures and equipment that do not unduly endanger the patient, and that all ethical requirements of the staff are upheld.

When patients aren’t even getting PAIN medications, and if sedated patients are monitored by staff who lack the qualifications to do so, that can HARDLY be dressed up in any honest sense with euphemistic terms such as “women’s reproductive health”.

He was using the same practices and techniques he had learned in the same decade that Roe v Wade was first decided for pity’s sake!

Is it time that we demand an audit of Planned Parenthood (and other providers) who take in profit hand over fist to see whether patients are being cared for by people with the credentials they are supposed to maintain, that incest and rape cases are reported as required by law, that the tools and equipment are properly maintained and sterilized, and that those aborted babies don’t wind up in a jar, in a lab, or (heaven forbid) somebody’s home as some kind of a macabre trophy.