That Explains A Lot — Survey Shows One In Five Can’t Answer THIS Basic Question About Our Government

Written by Wes Walker on September 13, 2019

Come to think of it, we seem to remember AOC struggling with that same question.

For those of us who really DO care about the direction our country is taking, about the role of our Constitution, about the separation of powers, and the deliberate roles they play in keeping tyranny in check, we give you fair warning.

What you are about to read might make you want to slam your head into something. Or maybe just make you despair for the future of the nation.

And yet, the study was framed as having some ‘good news’, if you can believe it.

This study ALSO helps makes sense of why so many people agreed with what AOC had to say about getting rid of the Electoral College.

The Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Philadelphia surveyed over 1000 adults. Here’s what they found.

The UPside was that more people were able to give correct answers than the last time this test came along.

The DOWNside is that the results are STILL pretty abysmal.

…only about 39% of adults can correctly name the three branches of United States government (executive, legislative, and judicial, in case you were wondering). While this is the highest mark in the last five years, it still leaves room for improvement. Nearly a quarter of those surveyed — about 22% — couldn’t name a single governmental branch. Still, that’s markedly better than the previous two years when a third of respondents were stumped on the same question.

Meanwhile, 25% of respondents were able to name one branch, and 14% remembered only two.

The survey suggested a link between high school civics or government classes and civics knowledge. Those surveyed who said they took high school civics were more likely to know the answers to six different “knowledge” questions, including naming the branches of government. Those who said they are high consumers of print, television, or online news were also more likely to answer civics questions correctly.
Source: StudyFinds

That’s an epic failure of our education system. Especially since — as one chapter of ‘Would Jesus Vote For Trump‘ reminds us — there were two original reasons that public education was prioritized. First, so that the public would be able to read and understand the Word of God in the Bible, and second so that the public would be able to read and understand his role as a citizen in the body politic.

Without that understanding, how will citizens even KNOW whether the Constitution is being upheld or trashed before their very eyes?

How will they understand whether we are a nation that establishes NEGATIVE rights for a citizen, meaning the firm boundaries that protect citizens from needless government intrusion or POSITIVE rights that offer no protection from Government tyranny, but instead promise things like Peace, Land and Bread or — to take an example from the more modern telling of that fairy tale — Medicare For All.