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Trump Calls NYTimes ‘Dead’ After Their Latest Bogus Story Scandal… Is He Right?

After their shameful and uncorroborated personal attack against a sitting member of the Supreme Court, the NYTimes faces an ever-growing crisis of credibility.

There is no question about where the paper’s political biases are. It’s written on every page.

If there’s any possible way to tie the name of Trump into some crisis du jour, or to fling accusations of racism or sexism at one-half the American population, or pleading the case of those who VIOLATE our against those who put their lives on the line to DEFEND them, they can be faithfully counted upon to do so.

But now that they’ve been caught with their pants down publishing a salacious 30-something-year-old rumor about what he allegedly did at some party — when neither the alleged victim nor any potential witnesses are not corroborating it — they’ve got a problem.

How do you KNOW they’ve got a problem? Because even their allies on the LEFT are refusing to close ranks around them.

Even Trump-despising talking heads on the left like ‘Morning Joe’ Scarborough have taken them to task over it:

“I could not believe The New York Times would write this piece without that information contained in it. Are you surprised 24 hours … went by before they clarified that fact?”

He also hit the Times for failing to note that Stier was the opposing counsel of Kavanaugh in the Monica Lewinsky case.

“I just don’t understand why they didn’t put this information in the article.”
Source: FoxNews

That same piece added this tasty detail:

The only firsthand statement concerning the supposed attack in the original piece, which was published on Saturday, came from a Clinton-connected lawyer, Max Stier, who claimed to have witnessed it.

Is it any wonder the President came out swinging?

The Press — whether they realize this or not — has exactly one product. Their reputation.

The patina of respect and credibility they have enjoyed for so long was due, in no small part, to their long record of printing stories the public found to be credible.

That doesn’t mean they lacked for any bias – just look at their coverage of the Holocaust in WWII, or Duranty’s coverage of Stalin’s treatment of Ukraine during the Holodomor. (H/t Mark Levin).

But they left the impression that they were more interested in the story than whatever narrative it might create, and which political parties or powerful people would be impacted by their reporting.

Now that Slate got a copy of their Editorial strategy going into 2020, it’s pretty obvious those days of journalistic integrity — if ever they existed — are long since gone.

There are two paths in front of them:

Make a decision to follow the story wherever it leads, to hell with which parties get hurt or helped by them — which would require some massive internal changes …

Or make a decision that they have a priority OTHER than journalistic independence, and they are perfectly happy to be — like a flea on a donkey’s ass — an unofficial appendage attached to the Democrat party, and deliberately prostituting yourselves for the furthering of their political agenda.

In short… the New York Times will have willingly become Pravda USA — even with similar political priorities to the original bearer of the name.

At least some of the opinion places out there have been up-front about their slant. Nobody can really complain about Huffpo or MSNBC or Slate for their political biases. They are right in the open. They don’t give any pretense of objectivity. Just like we at ClashDaily and a number of other sites serve as a political counterweight to them.


Their plan to peddle a bogus ‘racism’ narrative against Trump is exposed:

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Various other NYT failures:

Wes Walker

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