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Kamala Still Accusing Kavanaugh — Hugh Hewitt Takes Her To Truthtown

Not only was Kamala Harris complicit in — and a beneficiary of — last year’s smearing of Judge Kavanaugh, this year she’s come back for seconds.

No presidential contender benefited more from the fury in the base over Kavanaugh’s nomination than Harris, who used the hearing to combatively and directly question the future Supreme Court justice. Those moments proved to be a fundraising and digital juggernaut in 2018. And with the resurgence of the issue, her campaign is moving to take advantage of a similar level of intensity and financial support in order to boost her presidential campaign.

Kavanaugh’s hearings were an inflection point for multiple Democratic contenders, including Sens. Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota and Cory Booker of New Jersey. All members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, they each questioned Kavanaugh, which provided them with a high-profile launching point for their soon-to-be-realized presidential campaigns.

…”Brett Kavanaugh lied to the U.S. Senate and most importantly to the American people,” she tweeted on Sunday morning, after the New York Times published excerpts of a new book containing details about the allegations. “He was put on the Court through a sham process and his place on the Court is an insult to the pursuit of truth and justice.”

…Harris answered those critics, telling NPR that “the fact that someone does not remember the details of that incident doesn’t mean that there’s a lack of evidence if there are other witnesses who can establish that the fact occurred.”
Source: MSN

Kamala Harris was on NPR with Noel King. She not only took the bait from the thoroughly discredited NYTimes story, but she doubled down after the fact. Hugh Hewitt pulled out his scalpel and went to work on that interview.

Noel King was asking Harris, What evidence is there against Kavanaugh? Here’s the exchange interspersed with Hugh’s observations.

Noel King: You have said that he lied under oath, but I wonder, when — What is the evidence that he lied under oath? Now many people believed Dr. Blasey Ford. Many people found her to be very credible but is there evidence that Justice Kavanaugh lied under oath?

Kamala Harris: Ok, so we can look at a number of, of, aspects and components of his testimony, including…

Hugh Hewitt: [To his producer: Stop right there.] We can look at a number of aspects of his testimony. In direct response to a direct question “what evidence is there?” Well, we can look at a number of aspects of his testimony. And then she goes on. Listen to this when she starts talking about the late arrival of documents. And remember the quesiton: Where Did He Lie? Here’s the response, [Keep going]

KH: the testimony about his yearbook, and what it contained and what it meant. Um, the testimony …

HH: [Stop.] What about his testimony in the yearbook and what it contained and what it meant? Not an ambiguous scattershot shotgun approach ‘do you remember all that’ and people — well, DUMB people will nod and say “I remember the yearbook so she must be telling the truth”.
She doesn’t have a charge! She does NOT have a specific charge.

Kamala doesn’t get any better from there. She fumbles around with some ancient process foul stuff, tries to hit him with something from his days with the Dubya White House that obviously did NOT hamper him in any of the subsequent FBI background checks.

But she’s calling for the impeachment of a sitting judge, when she can’t even point to the single supposedly disqualifying act.

Hillary critics, and those of us crying foul in the Spygate debacle want to see them in a defendant’s box. But here’s how can tell the difference between THAT and the partisan witchhunts we’re seeing among the Democrats.

We can tell you — IN EXPLICIT DETAIL — what particular crimes we think need to be investigated, by whom we believe they were committed and against whom they have been perpetrated.

How well do the endless Democrat accusations, accusations going back decades, stack up against this standard?

Has her polling really fallen THAT far behind, that she’s THIS desperate to grab headlines again?

And this was coming from someone who figured Kamala Harris would eventually outlast the others and secure the nomination!


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